8 Anime That Are Like Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood


4. D.Gray Man-

Allen Walker, grew up with a deformed left arm, which caused his family to abandon him. After some time, Allen enlisted in an organization called Black Order in hopes to prevent evil from spreading, while using his new weapons to bring peace back to the souls that have been tormented.

3. Busou Renkin

A boy named Kazuki gets killed while trying to save a mysterious girl from a monster, only to wake up the next morning in his dorm believing it to be a dream. He soon discovers however, that it was all a reality as he is attacked by a huge serpent creature and these are known as Homunculus.

2. Arslan Senki-

An aggressive king Andragoras III, the once kingdom of Pars find themselves at war with the neighboring empire, Lusitania. Arslan totally opposite of his father and sets out to prove his valor on the battlefield for the very first time. The King is betrayed by one of his most trusted officials, the Parsian army is wiped out and the capital city of Ecbatana is conquered. Arslan soon sets off on a turbulent journey in search of allies that will help him take back his home with general Daryun as his support.
1. Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha-

Hei is one of the most powerful psychics to have ever gained his power from Hell’s Gate. This appeared ten years ago and due to its appearance a part of the city got cut off. Many agencies want to be rid of the Gate as soon as possible, but Hei works together with his partner Rin to unlock the mysteries it has to offer.
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