PokemonGO: New Wave of Pokestops and Gyms Expected!

PokemonGO: New Wave of Pokestops and Gyms Expected!

There is some interesting activity that is going on with Niantic’s Operation Portal Recon function. Recently around 3 days ago, Niantic has opened up Portal submissions for operation Portal Recon, Niantic’s way of crowdsourcing information for places of interest for their AR-based games Ingress and Pokemon Go.

For those of you, who don’t know what is being discussed over here, this should help you guys out. OPR (Operation Portal Recon) is Niantic’s crowd-sourced tool to verify, approve and deny Ingress portal submissions. Pokemon Go’s world data is constructed from Ingress portals, with the data set being refreshed almost daily. This data consists of Poke Stops, Gyms, spawn points and nests. A lot of Ingress portals and clusters of XM energy become a thing in Pokemon Go.

Although the system is originally intended to be used for Ingress, most of the data (Not all of it though )that is being added to Ingress also makes its way into Pokemon Go. On Monday, the Pokemon Go. Thanks for Pokemon Go Hub for their Heads Up their reports show that the activity on Operation Portal Recon has skyrocketed since the past few days, following the announcement.

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