The 5640 People Strawhat Fleet And It’s Major Role In Wano Arc

Strawhat Fleet

The Strawhat Grand Fleet is a major fleet that was formed by Luffy and the other pirates after the events of the Dressrosa. This Fleet is one of the biggest fleets that we’ve ever seen in One Piece.

It consists of a total of Seven Division Commanders which include the people like Cavendish, Bartolomeo, Don Sai, and many other strong characters. Luffy, and the Strawhat Pirates are the leader of this Grand Fleet. While they were formed at Dressrosa, we haven’t really seen them do much.

But, at this point, it is kind of a given that they will be a major part of the future in One Piece. At this point, you can expect them to do minor roles, and increase their power, because of Luffy wants to increase his military might they all need to get a lot stronger.

So, what exactly will be the role of the Strawhat Grand Fleet in the future of One Piece? Well, we all know Luffy is heading into one of the biggest battles in the One Piece history. He is going to fight against Kaido, and the Beasts Pirates. Luffy already has a very big alliance.

He has the Mink Tribe, the Remnants of the Whitebeard Pirates, the Heart Pirates, and many allies at Wano as well. But, this is a not just some regular fight. It is a war between people who eventually meant to become the Pirate King.

To showcase his full power, Luffy will need all that he has. That is where I believe the Strawhat Grand Fleet will come in. They are going to be a major help against the huge forces of Kaido.

We know that he has around 500 Devil Fruit users in his army, and that’s not all, he also had many other top tier powerful pirates. To defeat them, Luffy will definitely need the help of his Grand Fleet.

This will also serve the purpose of increasing their power. Probably, the final fight in One Piece is going to be against the World Government and it is obvious that the Strawhat Grand Fleet will be included in this battle as well.

But, at their current level, they won’t make much of a difference anyway. So, that’s why in the war against Kaido, all of them will gain severe Power-ups to the point where they will actually become worthy of being called the Division Commanders of the Strawhat Grand Fleet. What do you think their role will be in the future of One Piece? Let me know in the comments section below!


The Location of Ancient Weapon Pluton In The New World

Hey guys. Pluton is one of the three ultimate weapons in the One Piece. So, far we have know the name of two of three great weapons. One is the Pluton, and the other one is the Poseidon. Poseidon was introduced during the Fishman Island arc.

Poseidon is actually a living weapon. The weapon is none other than the mermaid princess, Shirahoshi. With her power, she can control giant sea kings, and obliterate anything in her path.

The name of Pluton was mentioned way back at Alabasta, when Crocodile had taken over the land in order to get his hands on the weapon. More details about the weapon were revealed when the Straw Hats arrived at Water Seven, where they met the apprentices of Tom, the legendary shipwright.

The names of the apprentices are Franky or Cutty Flam and Iceberg. The blueprints of the Pluton were in the possession of Franky. The World Government as we know, wanted to get their hands on the blueprints of the legendary weapon.

Franky ended up burning the blueprints so that they wouldn’t fall into the wrong hands. However, the material needed for building the Pluton is present at a certain island in the New World. The name of this place is Fire Seven. It is actually the total opposite of Water Seven.

New World is known for its strange weather as we know.

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