PokemonGO: Niantic Working on Raid Coordination Mechanism!


Things have been going pretty stale in the Pokemon Go community for some time now, with raids going mainstream in the game, it comes as no surprise Niantic is investing a little bit of their time and resources at making raids more fun and social.

First up, let me clear up something. Promised features like in-game Pokemon Trading, PvP battles, Pokemon Breeding are being worked on as they are on the roadmap for Niantic this year. So please don’t get angry at why Niantic is giving us trading and PvP. There are some serious technical issues with implementing trading, there are is always the problem of GPS Spoofers, the devs at Niantic should take all things into consideration before they make a debut in the game.

Now that we got all of that cleared up, we have been getting little hints if hints from Pokemon Go Reddit Mods, NianticGeorge and other key people from Niantic, that they are planning to make a little tool in the game that will help them in organizing group raids better.

The details of the mechanism are not clear, as their official communication is purposefully vague. They already know that we do APK-breakdowns and Data Packet Analysis among many others. That’s probably the reason we are not seeing anything significantly new in the recent APK-mines.

The first reference that such a project is being worked on, was made a couple of days ago, and rather went under the radar.

“ I would bet that with time we’ll see near parity between rural and urban players. As for difficulties finding a raid team in rural areas, we’re working on that too (but we’re not ready to announce anything just yet)”

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