The Main Reason Why Sasuke Will Die In Boruto


Hey guys. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is in its fifth month now. I must say that the series surpassed the expectations that were originally set by the viewers. The series has definitely made progression and the anime is currently airing the Naruto Gaiden arc.

The anime and manga are running differently. Anyway, the first episode of Boruto was totally amazing. It couldn’t have been better. But, the state of the Hidden Leaf leaves a fan with many questions.

One of them being, are Naruto and Sasuke dead? I really don’t know about Naruto, but I think Sasuke will die in Boruto and by the time Kawaki attacked, Sasuke was dead. Now, now before the fan boys start rioting, I’ll give you the proper explanation. So, let’s begin.
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