Why didn’t Guy recieve prosthetic leg like Naruto did with his hand?

might guy leg

Naruto Shippuden has a lots of important things that we didn’t recogniZFGAe immediately. A good example is what just happened after the great war that has just ended. And now that the series is covering the time skip, it becomes vulnerable to plot  holes.

Well obviously they don’t have time to explain each and every aspect as they have Boruto to work on. And some f the things might be explained in Boruto as it is just a continuation. What I’m talking about is Might Guy’s leg. As we all know how Naruto managed to receive back the hand he lost, then why doesn’t the dame process apply to Guy.

Image result for might guy naruto the lastIn case you are wondering. It appears that Guy has received a new leg, but it just that it isn’t working. To easily understand this let us compare it to that of Naruto. He can freely manipulate his hand like it wasn’t destroyed.

It works perfectly as he had no problems on his fight against Momoshiki. And in Guy’s case the leg was just there for display. At first it seemed like it will heal after some time. But provided that he lost it on before Naruto lost his hand then the result is obvious.


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