Do Adult Pokemon Still Hatch?


With the recent event, a few Pokemon had their baby forms introduced. The only way of getting one of these baby Pokemon is if you by chance hatch it from a 2, 5, or 10km egg. This left several questions. Can we still hatch these baby Pokemon’s middle evolution?

Image result for POkemon go 2, 5, 10

Though without evidence it’s hard to say for sure. If you hatch an egg you obtained before the event, these wont have any baby Pokemon and the chances of hatching an “adult” Pokemon are still fairly high. This is because it is believed that the baby Pokemon replaced their older forms inside the eggs.

Notice how the baby Pokemon candies don’t correspond to the Pokemon names?

Image result for POkemon go candyThe easiest solution Niantic had when introducing these new cute Pokemon forms, is by just replacing the model in what hatched out of the egg. It wouldn’t have been hard to just create new code. But add a few more Pokemon to the egg lists, but it all comes down to evolved forms.

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