Is Tyrogue Finally In Pokemon Go?



What do you think is inside the egg? It’s very doubtful Niantic would show us something they already announced. So what could this mean? It could be Mew, but I don’t see that hatching from a 5km egg. I don’t see any legendaries being inside eggs because most are genderless.

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Tyrogue isn’t in the game yet, though, and out of all the baby Pokemon. That is the only Niantic hasn’t released yet. True its parents are from the 10km egg group, but it’s possible they changed that species to hatch from a 5km egg to balance things out a bit.

Pikachu’s use to hatch from 2km eggs, but Pichu hatches from a 5km egg. A change like this doesn’t seem to be outlandish. What do you think? Could this be the start of Tyrogue being released?

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