Pokemon Go Should Introduce Safari Zones!




Safari Zone:

The Safari Zone would be an excellent feature in the game. The reason being, it could allow us to catch regional specific Pokemon; Only a chance of course. Thinking more about this feature, how could Niantic introduce something like this? Where could the place these “safari zones”?

Well, it’s actually a simple answer and maybe, just maybe Niantic already has plans for safari zones in later patches. I’m not sure about you, but when I visit parks or I’m around a darker green patch of pixels in the game, I was told Pokemon spawns are increased which they really aren’t. In fact, these differently colored patches seem to serve no other purpose in the game, other than to indicate some kind of Park.

It is possible since there is already coding in the game to separate parks from the rest of the residential areas, that an increased spawn rate could be introduced for rarer Pokemon and even additional coding for the regional Pokemon could be added to these areas.


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