Nest Migration #9 has Occurred!


Nest Migration #9 has Occurred!

While the last migration happened a bit late, this migration came just in time as The Silph Road was able to confirm the migration while it was happening. Trainers have already started noticing their nests being changed such as Central Park, NYC now changed to a full blown Bulbasaur nest. This is a great time for New Yorkers to go out and get some Bulbasaur candy for that lovely evolution.

These nest changes are absolutely lovely, i’m glad they’ve been around the game since the start which really changed up the spawns variety. Before a month or so ago nests were able to be predictable changes across the globe as they have been changes to random nest changes. There are some permanent nests that never change which explains the constant pidgey,weedle, and zubat cluster spawns. 

I love to retweet nest changes on my personal twitter so be sure to tweet me your nest change @UchihaKoji. The Silph Road also happens to take note of nest changes on their websites nest atlas that’s used globally. 

That’s all for now have a wonderful day and be sure to go check out the new Starbucks Pokemon GO drink.