How Much Stardust You Get From Eggs


This may not be useful information, but interesting nonetheless. This past week I have been collecting candy and egg data of 2km, 5km, and 10km eggs. It all started when I was typing my “Get the Most out of Thanksgiving” post. I was hoping to include both experience gain and stardust bonuses. There weren’t any figures over how much stardust is gained from hatching eggs, though.

I spent a good half hour to an hour seeing many people searching, but no one with the answer. I don’t have a lot of data so when you hatch eggs, go ahead and put the amount of stardust you got in the correct spreadsheet. Pay attention to the amount of candies you get as well. You will need to know so you can correctly place the numbers.

2km Eggs

5km Eggs

10km Eggs

Based on the figured I have done so far, 2km eggs are the best to hatch if you want to farm stardust. 10km eggs give the most stardust per candy ranging around 80-100 stardust per candy while 5km and 2km eggs range from 60-80 stardust per candy. To get these figures, just divide the amount of stardust by the amount of candies.

2km eggs are better to farm because, even though you can’t choose which egg you get. You can still focus on certain ones first. The distance traveled for 10km eggs can still give you 1600 stardust which is the max amount from 5km eggs. Making the average stardust given from 10kms anywhere from 160-320 stardust per kilometer, 160-320 for 5km eggs, and as for 2km eggs, 200-400 stardust per kilometer.

Those 2km eggs seem to be a lot of unwanted Pokemon and are the most hated egg to get, the now seem to hold a better purpose than what’s inside. 10km eggs on the other hand. If you have all the Pokemon you can hatch from them, are almost useless in the sense of stardust. Candies to even; 16 candies from walking 10 kilometers… no thank you.

Still uncertain, I think you get a base amount of stardust, depending on the eggs you hatch. The bases I believe are the same as the experience; 2km 200 experience, 5km 500 experience, 10km 1000 experience. This would be irrelevant if true because either way you get so much per candy and it will be hard to determine rather or not this is true.

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