When Is Niantic Going To Introduce Rare Candies?! Pokemon Go Rumors

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Hey there everyone! I’m back again today with another Pokémon Go article. Today, I’m going to be discussing another great, and very interesting rumor that’s been floating around the internet for a while now.

That rumor is none other than Rare Candies in Pokémon Go. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Let’s start talking more about it as I’ll explain what rare candies are and what the rumor is exactly is, and why we actually need this in Pokémon Go.

First off, a Rare Candy is an item that levels you up by 1 level. Rare Candies were always the best kind of rare item you could find in the other Pokémon games.

So the rumor stands as, Niantic will give us Rare Candies after hitting a certain amount of Poke stops. However, I am here to say that, that rumor is FALSE!

Niantic hasn’t given any former announcement that Rare Candies are in the game, and no one has found one so far….so people can stop the photoshopping.

As far as including Rare Candies in the game, now that’s something to talk about!

The leveling in Pokémon Go is by getting a ridiculous amount of XP. Now, you really have to grind in order to level up your character in this game. I don’t have to tell you all this, but surprisingly some people live under a rock and don’t know. So yeah.

Anyways, Rare candies could actually be a really good thing for the game. They would be seen as a support system for those who live in bad areas where there is barely anything spawning around them and don’t have nay Poke stops or Gyms nearby (like me sadly).

This would make leveling up much easier but not seen as a simple and easy cap out. Of course, acquiring the Rare Candies would be challenging. Just like how they were in hidden areas in other Pokémon games, I’m sure Niantic will come up with something for us to work on getting.

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Anyways with that said, I hope you all enjoyed this article. Hopefully, Niantic takes into consideration the idea of including rare candies to help players level up faster.

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