Niantic Labs Mass Ban Wave Starts Today!!

Earlier today the official Pokemon Go Twitter announced that they will be working with Niantic Labs on all GPS spoofing accounts and will be banning tons of trainers who broke the rules over the past month and a half of the time we’ve had to play since release.

This will be a good thing for us trainers who have had to deal with the massive amount of high CP Pokemon that randomly appeared in the game and took over gyms rendering them unbeatable. I believe anybody over level 34 will be banned as you would literally have to walk for years to reach higher than that. As we’ve seen that the max level cap could take up to 2020 to reach!

Have you seen any trainers or friends recently that got banned? Well, be sure to rub it in their face since they cheated for all that Pokemon that they were bragging about earlier!

The Pokemon GO is an ARMG that took the world by a storm in 2016 by Niantic and the Pokemon Company. The game runs on all iOS and Android devices. Ever since the Pocket monsters game debuted, it’s very popular among us fans. We will be updating more information soon. Bookmark us, so you can read recently updated articles. Here is the official trailer of Pokemon GO: