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Mysterious Pikachu Monument Ruined!


Recently it was reported by srans on Reddit that he found the Mysterious Pokemon monument in New Orleans damaged by pedestrians. The statue is a replica of Pikachu, one of our favorite Pokemon from the series, and can be seen making local headlines as it randomly appeared in a park.

Locals were amazed when they found out about it, and have even reported crowds surrounding the Pikachu Monument, catching Pokemon as the new craze Pokemon Go continues to make an uproar in the mainstream media. Check out the Tweets below for more details!

Another user Tweeted, “I hope Nola leaves up #pokemonument 4ever. Ppl were leaving offerings & rubbing Pika belly. What a time to be alive.”— Angel Giuffria (@aannggeellll)

However, since then it has been damaged as of April 5th. We are hoping that it gets restored, however, for someone to do this it has to be an all-time low.