I just can’t get enough of the beauty of this anime. After having my heart broken by it twice, I decided to watch it a third time, and have to say, even knowing everything that’s going to happen doesn’t prepare you for what comes at the end. Kousei Kawori final duet

Ending 1 – The original

Well, so you know what happens. Kousei has his amazing final duet with the beautiful Kawori that his mind makes up. Towards the end of his performance, the Kawori of his imaginations bursts into light and fades away, symbolizing Kousei’s realisation of her death. Immediately after the performance scene ends, the show cuts to Kawori’s grave, where her parents give Kousei a letter addressed to him, written by her.

Kawori graveThe letter changes your perception of the entire show. Makes you forget everything that was sad and depressing, makes you forgive the anime for killing off Kawori. You come to know why the show was named “Your lie in April”. This beautiful letter tells the devastated Kousei how much he meant to her. The fact that her crush on Watari was a lie. That everything she did from back when she was 5 was for him. That she’d lived her life so that she would one day complete here dream of playing a duet with him. Makes you cry everytime..Kimi wa suki desu!

“Arima Kousei-kun..Kimi wa suki desu! Suki desu! Suki desu!”

Tsubaki confronts Kousei and lets him know that she’ll never leave his side, and he is not alone. Kousei is inspired and seems to have managed to make peace with the death of his first love. He will move on and he will make sure that a part of her lives on in him, forever.