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Will Enel Return After What He Found on Moon? One Piece Theory

Skypiea arc was one of the most exciting and important arcs of One Piece for here Luffy and his crew witnessed things beyond thoughts of average people and pirates and a big part of them didn’t even believe that such things existed. This was the first adventure of Nico Robin with the Straw Hats and where we saw the second Poneglyph in One Piece which was so important for Straw Hats because it was one of the first document Luffy came to see that had Gol D Roger’s words imprinted on it. And they met and fought some interesting people including Enel. He has one of the strongest and most efficient Logia type Devil Fruits in my opinion and if what I’m about to say comes true you will see real soon why I said that. Without Luffy’s Gomu Gomu No Mi and any other Devil Fruit with electric insulator elements it’s hard to defeat him without adding Haki with it.


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And then we all know how insanely Luffy took down that guy and in the end Enel went towards Fairy Vearth aka the moon with his ark to see the unseen. That’s what we’ve seen of him so far. Now I’ll be telling what some of us have missed. Enel went to the Fairy Vearth as he wanted and found inhabitants there. He found some space pirates and defeated them. Then he found a big ancient city beneath the moon surface. That city is a little similar to the golden city Shandora that the Straw Hats found in Skypiea, the sky island where they fought Enel. Enel found ancient drawings on the wall of the city stating the tale of some people called Birkans and their travel to the blue planet, Earth seeking natural resources since they were running short on them. Enel’s Devil Fruit ability let him flow energy through the whole city and activate some robotic army that bowed before him afterwards. From this part I think that city Enel found is also made of gold exactly like Shandora because for Enel to pass his electricity he needs conductors and gold is a common element for ancient people to create wonders which happens to be an electric conductor itself. Hence comes the thought that the Shandora was built for a reason and there are probably more cities like this around the globe. So now that Enel has an army he will probably return to Earth because there shouldn’t be anything interesting for him up there. And if there is, inevitably Luffy and his crew will end up going there seeking adventure and clues so pretty sure Enel and Luffy are gonna meet again anytime in the future one way or another.


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Okay so we’ve seen what happened after Enel left Earth, let’s think of what may happen following this events. I’ll be giving my thoughts here from things I noticed. Enel saved some short people in there that were created by an earthling named Professor Tsukimi and they have similarities with the army Enel raised from that ancient city. Based on this I think Professor Tsukimi had some sort of connections with these Birkan people. They left a story behind of them descending down to Earth so it’s not totally impossible and Professor Tsukimi is shown to be fond of Moon. If you are familiar with “The Birkan People and Void Century Theory” you should have already heard the name “Birkans” and how the family name “D” have come and who the Gorosei might be. This story of Enel is the basic source of that theory I’m pretty sure so what I’m doing here is mostly expanding that theory itself. So if you get confused with most of the things I’m saying here, which is normal, just add “according to the Birkan people and void century theory” before every Birkan people related sentence here and I guess we can be on the same page afterwards.


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The city Enel found was destroyed just like Shandora and I think the Gorosei or the ones that have helped and put them in charge are directly behind this. If they are from moon as the Birkans theory says and as they are such strong being they should be able to travel back to moon anytime they want and destroy things. Since there was a space pirate crew on moon it’s possible to have more inhabitants up there. If Enel manages to have them under his command and learn of something that the World Government has been hiding for this 800 years, he will return to Earth for sure. And so he will have the same purpose of the Straw Hats because Birkans, family of D, World Government they all connect themselves along with Raftel’s location thus the greatest treasure of all time, One Piece! And given the fact that the people of where Enel comes from and whom he destroyed are also called Birkans of course he himself has some history to figure out here. There were big giants with the space pirates like the Straw Hats met in many places. Princess Shirahoshi and Momonosuke has already proven to be able to command these type of giants. Shirahoshi is proved as one of the mythical weapons but Momonosuke hasn’t yet and there are sayings that he may not be one of the mysterious three. Therefore it leads to the only remaining fact that Momonosuke and his ancestors are somehow biologically connected with Birkans.


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As the last part of my thought comes I’m not actually sure about this one. Those Space Pirates Enel fought looked like animal human breed and we are familiar with their kind known as the “Mink Tribe”. So if the space pirates are originally from the Fairy Vearth itself then Minks are also from the Birkans or some other inhabitants from moon. Minks have one of the Road Poneglyphs that leads to Raftel indirectly, they live on a giant elephant which only Momonosuke of the current generation can order and Luffy can hear it’s voice as well, ancestors of Momonosuke from Wano made the Poneglyphs and are friends of Minks… If we put all this together then this is way bigger and controversial than whatever we’ve seen so far in One Piece. If Oda sensei is actually planning on going forward with this, he certainly knows how to make things real exciting.


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And by the way, if you weren’t already familiar with the post Skypiea adventure of Enel, you can check the covers of One Piece manga chapter from 428 to 474. There is a cover arc there stating what Enel did and gained after leaving earth and it is indeed astonishing!

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