We all know that watching anime is not a good source of tips for inspiring parents. Who want to have parental tips that they can apply to their children. The anime world is full of anime characters that are unfortunate enough to have no family from the start. But there are more unfortunate characters who have fathers that suck at being a father.

8. Naruto

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Having no full-time father figure during his youth doesn’t excuse Naruto for being a bad father. He is not an evil father, unlike other anime characters on this list. But in real-life standards, being away at home almost all the time is never a great way to be a father. The hokage title is a heavy one to have on his shoulders. I hope in the future there will be father and son bonding.

7. Ging Freecs

He was never an evil father for Gon. But worst is he has never been a father to his son. To meet his father, Gon needed to be a hunter. We all know that the hunter exam is not for any ordinary child. But, Gon was never an ordinary kid. He finally met his father after more than a decade after the chimera ant arc.

6. Goku

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Admit it, when you’re asked who is the worst anime dad you know. Your mind will think of goku. Though he is not an evil dad, and he might also be busy protecting the world. Goku still made some mistakes that made him a bad father. One of those mistakes is putting the four-star Dragon Ball in Gohan’s hat when he was just a toddler.

5. Paragus

Paragus is Broly’s father from the movie Dragon Ball Z: Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan. He was not part of the other figure on the list. But he still isn’t a good parent. He subjected Broly to mind controlling devices that made Broly his ultimate weapon for world domination. And he also amplified his violent tendencies. Even though he has shown remorse at the last moment. Broly still smashed him to the upcoming meteorite which shows how Broly hates his father very much.

4. Rasa

The one-tailed beast was sealed to Gaara even before he was born. Not because the beast was rampaging at that time. But the fourth Kazekaga, Rasa, meant to make Gaara the ultimate weapon for the village of Suna. Being a failure as the ultimate weapon. Rasa tried to assassinate his son a lot of times during his childhood. Gaara would’ve been the ultimate weapon that his father wanted, if it wasn’t for Naruto who succeeded in saving him from the darkness.

3. Vinsmoke Judge

Vinsmoke Judge is one of the higher ranks for the fact that he was prepared to use even his own children to win his wars. Not only does he use his children as war weapons. But they have been modified to become monsters, devoid of any emotion, and empathy. Even through brink of death and even after being saved by Sanji. He still thinks of his son as a failure, talk about a huge ego.

2. Charles zi Britannia

Manipulating your own children and trying to kill them every time you have a chance is already a bad thing to do. But Charles decided to change things up by doing all of these manipulations to erase the collective consciousness. Believing that all the good things in this world prevent humans to evolve. While wishing the world would be kinder at the same time. Charles is quite an ironic character. He will do anything, even forsaking his own children. So he can achieve his goal.

1. Shou Tucker

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Shou Tucker, the alchemist notoriously known as the one who fused his daughter and his pet dog together, is the number one on the list. Even though Shou’s victims can be counted with the fingers on your hands. What he did to them surpasses anyone’s deeds in this list. Even though some of the people in the list controlled their children’s fate, at least they are still human. What happened to Nina Tucker, and Alexander is by far one of the most messed up moments in the Anime world today.


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