The Fairy Tail manga may have ended in 2017, however, the creator of the famous series hasn’t ever finished working on his beloved characters. That means that despite the series coming to an end, Hiro Mashima continues to sketch new drawings of his favourite characters and posts them on Twitter.

As I mentioned, the manga illustrator has been releasing these sketches constantly for the past few months, with this sketch being part of a series that Mashima released earlier this festive season.

The others released these holidays include alluring images of Christmas Lucy and Juvia wearing a Santa hat. In addition, there was another image of Lucy wearing dog ears, a bedroom piece of Erza and a steamy image of Grey and Juvia together celebrating the coming of the New Year. Meanwhile, these were some less saucy images of Wendt and Plue released as well.

Now Mashima just posted a new image, which shows fans a peek behind the scenes and got to see how their favourite characters are drafted. The characters showcased in the image are Natsu and Lucy from Fairy Tail, as well as Kain Hikaru from Grimoire Heart.

It’s likely that Mashima will continue to post images like this on Twitter for the remainder of 2018. While many fans believe that seeing his constant new work on social media might indicate that he is missing his work and could potentially start working the series again.

In 2017 the manga ended with Mashima stating that he was done with Fairy Tail, however, the series did end on an open finish, so that anyone could take it up again in the future. That also means that one day it could be possible for the manga creator himself to take up the series again, although; it isn’t likely that this will be anytime soon.


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