Here are facts about the Soul King from Bleach that you will enjoy. He is quite mysterious as he died so early but here is what we know.

9. He is the King and God of all Shinigami and the entity that keeps the flow of souls stable.

8. Soul King resides in a separate dimension in his palace in the core of Soul Society that is protected by the Zero Squad.

7. He is said to be the Linchpin of existence and if he is not present, everything will crumble away.

6. At some point, the Shinigami put restrains over his powers. He used to influence the Soul Society before.

5. His separated body parts are somehow conscious and were in different parts of Soul Society.

  • The Right Hand of the Soul King is Mimihagi who governs Stagnation.
  • The Left Hand of the Soul King is Pernida Parnkgjas who governs Evolution.
  • The Heart of the Soul King is Gerard Valkyrie and his purpose is Unknown. He grows bigger and stronger as he sustains damage
  • The Legs should exist too.

4. He had the power to see the Future. Yhwach said that Soul King should have seen the recent events coming. That explains why he called upon Ichigo to come at the royal palace.


3. He appears to look like a Human but has no arms or legs. I guess his heart is not present either. He resides in an unusual barrier that keeps him alive. He got dark slicked back hair and oval eyes with weird pupils.

2. The King is able to literally turn the bones of members of the royal guard into Oken. This allows them safe passage to the palace.

1. He is the father of Yhwach. That explains Yhwach’s overpowering strength.

Yhwach and Soul King

How much did you know, eh?