With a 3rd season inbound for July 2018, Hajime’s manga manages strong Attack On Titan fans with the newest compilation film forthcoming. January 13, 2018, will be the release date of Attack On Titan: The Roar of Awakening, ensuring the continued saga focused on Scouting Legion as its battle to protect the remaining survivors against Titans within their infiltrated walls between more intense mysteries behind their own apparently human residents.

Shingeki No Kyujin: Kakusei, no Houkou/Roar of Awakening, is the third recap movie, that collects episodes 26-37 of the TV anime that is from the end of the second recap film until the tip where the second season of the anime finished.

The poster is centered mostly on Eren Jaeger. The character is the Protagonist of Attack on Titan, and he had a somewhat vital part to perform in season two. Eren saw his whole world flip upside-down after Reiner and Bertholt told they were indeed Titan Shifters. The pair were the ones managing the Armored and Colossal Titans individually, and Eren was taken restrained by these titan shifters later on in the season.

The film poster for Attack on Titan teases the future conflict in an intellectual way. The drawing holds Eren in a close-up, but the other two Titans are displayed in the reflection of the Eren’s sword. The Colossal and Armored Titan can be observed staring down Eren from far away. As for the boy, he appears determined to cut these Titans down, but Eren has not made up his resolve entirely.

The series was adapted into anime from Wit Studio & Production I.G. with the third season premiering in 2018.
Sixty-Eight million copies of the manga have been marketed as of 2017 and have been met with significant critical and commercial success worldwide.


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