In the world of One Piece there are some authorities that are constantly fighting to prevail the one on the others. When we think about them, we are used to think of the World Government, the Yonko, the Heavenly Dragons, the Stars Of Wisdom and the Shichibukai.

But what about the Revolutionary Army?

The Revolutionary Army is a group of pirates who want to make the World Government fall in order to give people freedom and a right concept of “justice”. We all know some members of the Revolutionary Army, such as for example Dragon, Sabo, Ivankov, Kuma, Hack and others.

Today I’m gonna introducing you this theory according to which there would be other One Piece characters who, for some reasons, could possibly be secret members of the Revolutionary Army.
These characters are:


Aokiji, as known as “Kuzan”, is a former Marine admiral.

After the events of Marineford, the fleet admiral Sengoku resigned in order to let his place to Akainu; since Aokiji used to hate Akainu because of his “total justice” policy, he started a fight against him that lasted ten days and at the end of which Aokiji was defeated, so he resigned too because he didn’t want to take orders from Akainu. Once he was “free” from the Marine, he joined Blackbeard pirates.

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At this point, we could consider him as a secret Revolutionary Army member because, first of all, he had a lot of opportunities to kill Luffy but he never did and, secondly, he doesn’t believe in the World Government and in its (and Akainu’s) sense of justice, so we can assume that Aokiji probably joined Blackbeards in order to know about their plans and communicate them to the Revolutionary Army.

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In a way this could be possible, since when Aokiji resigned, he told Smoker to warn Akainu about the danger represented by Doflamingo: this means that Aokiji is still caring for peace, although he’s no longer a Marine member and for this reason maybe he wants to avoid Blackbeard to start a war against the other Yonko.

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In this way Aokiji could be seen as an hero who’s sacrificing in order to keep the peace in the world, not caring about what other people think of him.


Dr. Vegapunk is a very cleaver scientist who works for the World Government. His knowledge is considered 500 years ahead compared to the rest of the world and he reached really important results during his career.

On the other hand we also know that Dr. Vegapunk hates the World Government, since he thinks that they have inhuman methods and also because they don’t want him to come back home and live between people who love him. Anyway, he goes on working hard for them, also when he has to do something he doesn’t like.

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At this point, we could ask ourselves why Kuma decided to agree with Dr. Vegapunk?

I mean, after that agreement, Kuma stopped being a member of Revolutionary Army and started working for the World Government, being conscious of the fact that he might have been obliged to do something brutal as a member of the Shichibukai.

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Well, an explanation to this question I think that could be that maybe in reality also Dr. Vegapunk has always secretly worked for the World Government and, by the time, he will reestablish Kuma’s memory and transform all the Pacifista in enemies of the World Government, so that he could see the institution he hates collapsing thanks to his help.


Mihawk is known for being the strongest swordsman in the world and, for this reason, the World Government asked him to enjoy the “Shichibukai”, the group composed by seven powerful pirates who work for the World Government. Those seven powerful pirates are: Mihawk, Jinbei, Moria, Crocodile, Boa Hancock and Kuma.

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Despite this, Mihawk seems to perform only the orders he likes, not caring about what the World Government wants him to do; for example, he never takes part to the Shichibukai reunions.

In addiction, we all know that he’s a lonely pirate who travels around the oceans on a single-seater ship, so he doesn’t have a crew he takes part to and also he doesn’t have a crew under his control (Shichibukai are not considerable as a proper crew, since they’re all pirates who have their own crews, so it’s more something like a group composed by bosses).

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Now, the motivation for which he doesn’t have a crew could be that, in reality, Mihawk already takes part to the Revolutionary Army and he accepted to join the Shichibukai so that he could both know about World Government’s plans and know about other powerful pirates plans. It does make sense, since in this way, thanks to the information Mihawk would pass to the Revolutionary Army, there wouldn’t remain any secret.

In conclusion, admitting that all of those 3 characters really are secret members of the Revolutionary Army, all the information that would arrive to the Revolutionary Army’s base could be such important that Dragon, Sabo and the others could really organize a revolution, thanks to the information given by Aokiji about the Blackbeards, by Dr. Vegapunk about the World Government and by Mihawk about the other pirates’ plans.


Zoro Is Getting A New Sword In Wano Kingdom

Zoro is one of the main characters that we all love, his tolerance to pain is out of this world, his strength, endurance, enormous amount of stamina and after all his ways to protect his crew from tough opponents is what we all get to admire from this character.

Even though all of these traits, he is still far behind from achieving his dream to become the best swordsman in the world. Everyone guess is that in Wano something big must happen to Zoro and I believe, he will be getting a huge power up to help him achieve his dream. He will receive a Saijo O Wazamono Sword.

Saijo O Wazamono swords are known to be the best swords in the world. There are 12 in total supreme grade swords and of the highest qualities. Dracule Mihawk owns Yoru which is one of these swords.

This would make total sense for his character, he wants to be the best swordsman and getting a sword from the country of the Samurai. If you would like some proof here is why I believe he will obtain it.

The Wano kingdom is set to revolve around Kyoto, currently in Kyoto Eiichiro Oda and his staff released this image to foreshadow what will happen in the Wano Arc.

As I stated in a previous post I made ­­_______ there is all the information related to what the story is about but let me give you a small snippet of what I said earlier. The creature in the background is Nue (head of a monkey, legs of a tiger, body of Tanuki and the upper part of a snake as tail).

The legend states that a black cloud filled with thunder and smoke appeared and a shriek crying like voice was heard. The Emperor of the time fell ill immediately and commanded Yorimasa to investigate and kill it.

Minamoto no Yorimasa with an arrow given by his ancestor Yorimitsu threw it to the black cloud, Nue fell from the sky and Ino Hayata seized it and finished it off. As a reward, the emperor gave the sword Shishio to Yorimasa.

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