Anime Weapons Every Fan Dream Would Be Real

Being an anime fan everyone has some favorite character, favorite power or favorite weapon.Here are 10 Badass Anime Weapons every anime Fan will love and has always dreamt of having.


10.The Blood Scythe(Trinity Blood)

The Blood Scythe ( Trinity Blood )

9.The Harkonnen(Hellsing Ultimate)

The Harkonnen (I & II) ( Hellsing Ultimate )

8.Death Scythe(Black Butler)

Death Scythe ( Black Butler )


Tessaiga ( Inuyasha )

6.Ten Commandments Sword(Rave Master)

Ten Commandments Sword ( Rave Master )


Punisher ( Trigun )


Zanpakuto ( Bleach )

3.X-Gloves(Hitman Reborn)

X-Gloves ( Reborn )

2.Tsubaki Nakatsukasa(Soul Eater)

Tsubaki Nakatsukasa ( Soul Eater )


Dominator Psycho Pass

Who’s your favorite?Lemme hear you guys out in the comments or you can get connected with me on Snapchat-Vibsz16 and Instagram. Stay tuned.


Best Short Episode Anime Series Worth Watching

Today we are back with an amazing list of Short Episode Anime Series that are absolutely worth watchingYou might think what type of story a short episode anime will have..? But I assure u guys the anime I mentioned complete their story in that short time. Without wasting any moment, let’s start with.

Best Short Episode Anime Series



Image result for Teekyuu

No plot? No problem! That’s Teekyuu’s stance on anime. This is a show about nothing in particular except a high school tennis club that doesn’t play tennis ever.

2. Oneechan ga Kita

Image result for Oneechan ga Kita

After a new marriage, Tomoya Mizuhara gets a new sister, and he is not prepared. Not prepared to endure her intense love for him, anyway.

3. Aiura

Image result for Aiura

What do you do at school when there is nothing to do? Not take notes and possibly learn something, that is for damn sure.If you need ideas on how to goof off in school, this group has plenty of them.


Written by Vibhav Pandey

I’m Vibhav Pandey, and I’m from Mumbai city of Maharashtra, India. I’m an Engineer and Developer. I write about everything, from anime to tv shows. You can get in touch with me at

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