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Anime Like Sirius the Jaeger You Can Watch

anime like sirius the jaegar
Sirius The Jaegar.

Anime fans love mixing up genres. As risky an anime creator gets, the better they enjoy it. So was the case of Sirius the Jaeger. The anime was produced by PA Works in 2018. The show takes several exciting elements and adds them together to create one amazing anime that several viewers loved. Sirius the Jaeger is an original anime written by Keigo Koyanagi. The show was directed by Masahiro Ando. Sirius the Jaeger was originally broadcasted on AT-X. Tokyo MX and BS11 in Japan, but for international viewers, it was later licensed by Netflix. So, let’s look at some anime like Sirius the Jaeger.

The anime is set in the 1930s, when humans live under the threat of vampires. Jaegars are a group of elite fighters who eliminate vampires. The story of Sirius the Jaeger revolves around Yuliy, a werewolf, who joins the Jaegars to seek revenge against the vampires who had killed his family. The Jaegars realize that the Vampires are seeking a holy relic called the Ark of Sirius. Thus Jaegars begin their search for the relic, aiming to find it before the Vampire. Sirius the Jaeger was an entertaining anime with an intelligent plot. If you enjoyed this anime, here are some anime like Sirius the Jaegar that you may also like!

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One Piece

One of the Big 3, One Piece, is not an anime one can hate after watching, but you may specifically like it if you prefer anime like Sirius the Jaeger. The show is a big adventure into the sea alongside several magical influences that lead the plot. One Piece has been ongoing for more than two decades now, but it has shown no signs of fading away from fame. People continue to love it just as much. Perhaps you won’t find any organization fighting vampires, but you will find the adventure and treasure hunting thrill in it.

anime like sirius the jaegar

One Piece.

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Vinland Saga

Set amidst the era of Vikings and sea ventures, Vinland was a massive hit, and I doubt anyone hasn’t heard of it. The show took over the anime community like a storm after its viewers were fascinated by the amazing plot it had to offer with an animation style that left several fans stunned. Once again, the show might be missing out big time on the ‘vampires,’ but there are still plenty of things similar to Sirius the Jaegar that you should look forward to. Vinland Saga, too, has a revenge story, although it is different from the revenge story of Sirius the Jaeger. But despite the differences, you may just love Vinland Saga if you really liked Sirius the Jaeger.

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Tokyo Ghoul

People love fantasy. The bigger the threat, the better they like their shows. So when Tokyo Ghoul introduced flesh-eating monsters called Ghouls, could fan stop themselves from binging it whole? Not, really. And if you’re a Sirius the Jaeger fan, you might just not be able to resist this amazing shonen anime as well. Tokyo Ghoul has long been a hot topic in the anime community. It is filled with outstanding action sequences enough to leave your jaws dropped. The show is almost brutal at times and also severely emotional at other times. An amazing blend of humor, romance, and action, Tokyo Ghoul is a must-watch anime.

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Seraph of the End

Seraph of The End is an interesting anime like Sirius the Jaeger. The show became quite popular over its release. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world where humans are standing against vampires. The show initially starts off with a ring of the fantasy genre around it but slowly develops into a psychological anime with people questioning right and wrong. Of course, there’s some bit of action in the show, but that’s not what Seraph of The End centers around. The mystery builds up, leading to the twist slowly but definitely. Seraph of The End is a decent show that might suit your tastes if you are looking for more badass vampire-themed anime.

Seraph Of the End.

Seraph Of the End.

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91 Days

91 Days is a brilliantly written revenge story. It gives a heart-wrenching backstory that fuels the viewers almost as much as it fuelled the protagonist. A lot of things that happen in the story make sense and connect on a deep level. The story progresses with enthusiasm, with every episode bringing in something unique and groundbreaking. The cliffhangers, in the end, keep making the viewer want to return for another episode. Every character has a unique personality and shares a unique significance to the show as well. 91 days is not an ordinary story and must not be missed out if you are out here looking for anime like Sirius the Jaeger.

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I feel this is one of the closest shows in the list that resembles Sirius the Jaeger. The anime revolves around an amnesiac girl who partners up with a mysterious man after drinking his blood to slay monsters. It is unique in its way and progresses in a dark theme. There is a lot of action in the series that makes things all the more entertaining. The characters in the show are indulging and interesting and have a great bond between them. I feel the show is very likable given a chance and carries a good plot. It may come off as a bit too extra at times, but you would start seeing that in a good light, too, once it sets the mood.

blood +


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Inuyasha is based on an award-winning manga, and I doubt I need to say more to convince myself how great the anime is. Opposed to vampires in an anime like Sirius the Jaeger, Inuyasha comes with demons. It is a very enjoyable show that takes its viewers to heightened limits of pleasure. There isn’t much bloodshed in the show, which might be a good thing for those who prefer their action without graphic scenes. Adding on to the show’s shine is its beautiful romance side story that had left several fans in love with the show. At times the story feels too dragged, but even in that, there’s a lot of things to enjoy. Inuyasha is a good anime with a lot of stunning animation and an amazing art style that everyone should watch.



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Golden Kamuy

If you haven’t come across a good adventure anime, you are probably missing out on Golden Kamuy. This show presents one of the biggest treasure hunts ever. Golden Kamuy has many genres enfolded into its plot. It is historic, filled with mystery, and packed with action. Adding comedy and you can see why Golden Kamuy is a whole package. Though highly underrated, this anime does an outstanding job of using all its characters to their full potential. It may not have deadly monsters or magical units supporting the show, but its insane hunt for gold will remind you of Sirius the Jaeger at times. In fact, it’s not just the treasure hunt; the two shows show similarities in terms of wars, survival, and the historical setting that they are placed in.

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Hellsing: Ultimate

This might not be the first people are looking for a vampire-themed anime to binge on. If that’s what you are looking for too, Hellsing: Ultimate is the anime you don’t want to leave out. This is a ruthless story of bloodshed that will often leave you questioning what’s right and what’s wrong. As you dive deep into the story, you will see how fragile the concepts of right and wrong are as you continue questioning your morals, as we’ve always been taught. Now you know how brilliant an anime is once it makes you think so hard. Hellsing: Ultimate does the exact thing and gives its viewers the taste of one of the most intriguing psychological thrillers to have ever been created.

anime like sirius the jaegar

Hellsing: Ultimate

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Netflix original Castlevania is a very interesting anime like Sirius the Jaeger. The adventure of the show is one of the finest. Castlevania involves magic, myth, and fantasy to form its genuinely amazing plot. The show concluded recently with several positive responses from its viewers. Castlevania is based on a game. I will never stop being amused at how well the characters from the game are used in the anime to build this plot. As humans battle vampires in Castlevania, the show takes the time to develop the sides of humanity and shed deeper light into the dirt within the society that many choose to unsee. An enjoyable anime that leaves a deep impact, Castlevania is an anime we recommend to everyone.

anime like sirius the jaegar


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