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American Pickers Season 23 Episode 7 Release Date: What Are The Guys Picking Up From The Garage?

American Pickers Season 23 Episode 7
American Pickers Season 23 Episode 7

Last Updated on February 26, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

American Pickers is a show about two guys who travel around the country, picking through people’s junk to find treasures. It’s a show about history, learning about different things from all across America. It’s also a show about restoration and recycling. These two guys use their knowledge of Americana and their skills as restorers to bring back the forgotten. What will the guys pick up from the garage in American Pickers Season 23 Episode 7?

Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz were on the last episode in a giant car boneyard in Sunny Liberal, California, seeking the perfect Cadillac to restore. Be sure to read our recap as we will expand further on this topic there. This last episode was a wild ride in the Bay Area. The dudes were left hungry for more. And they promised that they would return for more. Now without any further ado, let’s begin covering this episode.

American Pickers Season 23 Episode 7

What are they finding in the next episode?

American Pickers Season 23 Episode 6 Recap

This episode is titled “Picking Frisco”. It aired for the first time on January 21, 2022. It starts with the guys going to San Francisco and getting their stuff together for a day in the Bay Area. They are welcomed to a San Francisco Hotel with a shared bathroom. They admire the art, the serigraphs, the beds, and vintage license plates. Firstly, they stumble upon a giant Mama Thorpe poster and call an expert on the phone and want to buy it. After the posters are purchased, the guys go check out the cars in the garage. They lay their eyes on a car with wooden doors. Then they go check out some more cars and lay their eyes upon a vintage Volkswagen Beetle.

Later, the boys get a call with a hot tip to check out a warehouse full of fun things. There’s a Polly Gas sign for a vintage gasoline stop, a scary-looking butler doll, and a bunch of clowns from a game fair in the 1940s. Further, in the episode, the boys get a forklift to get a Fortune Telling machine and barter the hell out of it with the owner. They plug it in, and it’s fully functional. In the end, the American Pickers leave Frisco with a truck full of items. They’re enthusiastic and are committed to returning for another episode. When you see the size of the massive warehouse, you’ll understand why these guys are so keen on these kinds of deals. There’s so much stuff and so little time.

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Watch American Pickers Season 23 Episode 7 Online – Streaming Details

If you wish to watch American Pickers, you can do it when it airs on History Channel. You can also watch it from the History Channel website or its app. Additionally, DirecTV has 22 seasons for streaming, History has 20 seasons, Peacock and Peacock Premium have 15 seasons, Pluto TV has 11 seasons, Hoopla has 7, Discovery+ as an add-on for Amazon Prime Video has five, as well as a standalone service. Lastly, the show is also available for purchase on Amazon Direct Video (21 seasons), Vudu Fandango (18 seasons), Apple iTunes (9 seasons), and Google Play (3 seasons).

American Pickers Season 23 Episode 7

This guy always wants to buy more and more

American Pickers Season 23 Episode 7 Release Date

American Pickers Season 23 Episode 7 will release on February 26, 2022, on History. If you’re a fan of the show American Pickers, then you’ll be glad to know that the air time has finally been announced. The show will start airing on January 8th at 9 pm EST on the History Channel. Secondly, if you’re not familiar with American Pickers, it’s a show about two guys who travel around the country finding and buying old treasures from people’s homes and businesses.

Also, they usually find some pretty interesting stuff, so it’s definitely worth tuning in for. With this, we conclude our coverage of this topic here at Otakukart. Thank you for reading our article. And please keep coming back to our website for more daily updates on all your favorite series, movies, and shows.

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