American Ninja Warrior Season 10 – Update

Today lets talk about American Ninja Warrior Season 10. The American sports entertainment show American Ninja Warrior, a spin-off on Japanese television’s Sasuke held its tenth season. Think of American Gladiators meets a Japanese competition show and you get this. It’s fun, it’s entertaining, it’s exciting, it’s American, and it’s full of surprises.

It features many competitors trying to complete very complex obstacle courses in different cities across the United States of America with aims to getting a shot at the finals on the Las Vegas Strip, achieving the coveted American Ninja Warrior award.

The tenth season of this prestigious show aired on may this year on NBC, hosted by Akbar Gbaja Biamila and Matt Iseman with commentary from the sidelines from Kristine Leahy.

American Ninja Warrior Season 10

For this season changes were made to the several obstacle courses in which participants must take on to advance to further rounds: An 18 ft “Mega Wall” was put next to a 14-ft warped wall which competitors must climb, and they are given a choice.  Should they pick the Mega Wall they only have only one shot of reaching the top of it and if they do, they get to win ten thousand American dollars, if they miss their shot, they only get one opportunity at the warped the wall. Those who do not dare to take a shot at the mega wall will have the opportunity to get three attempts at overcoming the wall.

American Ninja Warrior Season 10 Release Date

The Mega Wall will only be available on the city qualifiers. Further changes were made as the age limit was lowered down from 21 to 19 years old. They have to be in fit physical shape, make a video about themselves and go through a very rigorous selection process in charge of the production company.

This is a show that has enormous popularity and attendance, with one thousand people applying from season one to a whopping seventy-seven thousand people asking to participate in this game for season nine. Only 100 contestants make it to the cuts for production and filming of the show, so think big, get in shape and apply if this is your particular brand of vodka.

Also, the format of the Last Ninja Standing has changed, now the competitor who makes it farthest in the finals, if no one completes stage four, they receive one hundred thousand American dollars.

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