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American Dad Season 18 Episode 23: Release Date & Preview

Spoilers And Recap For American Dad Season 18 Episode 23
From American Dad Season 18 Episode 21 Featuring Stan, Roger and Mike Donkey

American Dad Season 18 has missed out on its Mondays recently with Episodes 22 and 23. Now we wonder if it really has missed them or has the show is wrapped up its season. The fans have suggested seeing Episode 22 scheduled but not with an exact release date. So here we are breaking down what TBS may be planning to do with American Dad moving forward. If the episodes are coming or not, and if they do, when they will be releasing that. With that, here we are also taking a look at the possible release date for American Dad Season 19 as well.

Before we move into those, let’s have a recap on what went down on the show recently. Starting off with Stan’s obsession with Steve’s friend Toshi’s father Hideki. Well, the mansion and different rooms for different activities surely leave an impact on Stan. He was willing to go out of bounds in order to replicate the same lifestyle for him. At the same time, they wanted to impress Hideki. This led him to Roger, who went all out in his desperate measures to help his friend, which cost them a lot in the end.

American Dad S18 Finale Recap

The finale of American Dad Season 18 Episode 21 opened up with Steve and Stan hanging out at Steve’s friend Toshi’s home. Toshi’s father, Hideki, is pretty rich, and Stan is left in awe looking at his house. This makes Stan want a house like that. Furthermore, he finds out that Steve invited Toshi’s family for dinner. Stan panics, wondering how he can make it up to Hideki’s house. So he approaches Roger for advice, and he suggests using a credit card and get things ready. Although he doesn’t have his own for several reasons, right now, he attempts to use a teen credit card in the name of Steve.

Events From Previous Episode That May Affect American Dad Season 18 Episode 23

From American Dad Season 18 Episode 21 Featuring Stan and Hideki

After hijacking Steve’s credit card, Roger suggests Stan buy anything related to art and crystals that bring out good energy. With that, Stan changes the entire look of his house. Thus decorating it full of crystals. From dinner to drinking together to removing their shirts. Stan tried his best, and Hideki reviews it, saying he had an above-average time.

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Stan went to Roger to celebrate until he found out that Roger had taken a loan from a loan shark instead of using the teen credit card for the crystals. Furthermore, when Stan realized Roger left his wallet as collateral to this loan shark. Believing it has Steve’s credit card, he called this loan shark named Mike Donkey. Although the credit card isn’t a threat, the phone call Stan did become one.

The Ending For American Dad Season 18

From American Dad Season 18 Finale Featuring Stan, Steve, Rogers, Mike Donkey and His Goons

Now Stan had 24 hours to return the money before Mike Donkey got his hands on Steve. It took intricate gambling tactics for Stan and Rogers to make money, but they won more than what they were looking for with the power of crystals. But the same money Rogers later used to buy another big crystal. They came back home to find Mike Donkey surrounding Steve. Despite Stan and Roger’s convincing, Mike Donkey stayed to his motives and literally broke Steve’s legs.

Throughout the episode, Klaus takes Jeff to the countryside. Klaus found his old friend getting married without him. Plus, without him as the best man. This leads him to take desperate measures. But no matter how hard he tries, instead of him, Jeff ends up becoming the best man at the wedding.

Should We Expect American Dad Season 18 Episode 23 and Season 19 Release Date

At the moment, it is speculated that American Dad Season 18 has wrapped up its run with Episode 21. An episode 22 titled “Steve’s Franken Out” exists but doesn’t have a release date yet. Probably TBS will end up releasing it much like the way they did with Season 17’s Episode 22 at the end of the year. So expect American Dad Season 18 Episode 22 to release later in December. That’s it for the show, and there will be no Episode 23 for American Dad Season 18. With that, the question remains for another season.

So here is the good news, TBS has officially renewed American Dad for a Season 19. Another trip around comes soon, probably around next year. We are expecting American Dad Season 19 to release around April 2022, much like the past three seasons. Apart from that, we will be hanging on to waiting around for episode 22. Until then, stream American Dad Season 18 and past seasons on the official website of TBS and v-o-d services of Amazon Prime Video, VUDU, iTunes, Google Play Movies and TV, Microsoft, and YouTube TV.

American Dad Season 19 may follow up to the events of the eighteenth season’s finale. We may see Steve struggling to his new life for a while as he recovers his leg. We saw Roger carrying the big crystal he bough around like his baby. So his plans with that are something to look forward to. Lastly, is this the last we have seen of Mike Donkey? Will Stan be out for revenge? Also, questions like when Stan may realize he should be happy the way he is instead of comparing to Hideki. Jeff and Hayley’s love life and much more in American Dad Season 19.

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