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Amber Heard’s New Film ‘Gully’ Is A Huge Flop, Earns Only $36,000

Amber Heard And Her Movie Gully Fails To Capture Success At Box Office
Amber Heard In Gully

Well, every big name which is loved by millions is bound to be hated by a similar amount as well. But that’s not the same case for Amber Heard. The Aquaman star for the past here has turned into the most hated celebrity ever. This all comes from her trial with her ex-husband Pirates Of The Caribbean star Johnny Depp. A controversial one that got huge media attention during the lockdown past year. The fans were disappointed with what went down, and they are showing it boldly through the failure of Amber Heard’s recent outing, Gully is.

The Nabil Elderkin directed the film Gully is the first outing for Amber Heard since 2018’s Aquaman. Although the film had already premiered in 2019, it was a pandemic that delayed its theatre release. Through this time, instead of movies, many fans saw Heard battling with Depp over trial since the time Head accused her ex-husband of abuse. Things went really bad when the court found both guilty. But it was Depp who faced the worst of circumstances losing most of his movie career while Heard continues her delicately. The fans were clearly not happy with this particular decision and went on hating spree or Heard. This came through petitions, and the same hate comes for Amber Heard’s latest film Gully.

Amber Heard’s Gully Failing Both Critically and Commercially

Yes, Gully is actually failing both ways at the moment. First of all, we have to admit the hate for Amber Heard has clearly lived on. If we observe, although the trial didn’t affect the movies Hear was working on. But fans are making sure to make the score is even. Many believed the controversy around her would bring many people to the theatre. Also, it actually felt when Gully debuted in the theatres on the weekend for the time. But by the next few days, not many fans have made it to the theatres.

Amber Heard's Gully Failes

From The Instagram of Amber Heard On The Sets Of Gully

We can admit it to the pandemic, but some films do have performed around the same time. So we can say it’s the fans who are avoiding the film and don’t want to support it. Amber Heard’s Gully went on to earn just $36,000 globally, which is quite lackluster. So clearly, the fans still feel for what went down in the trail.

Amber Heard continues to be the most hated celebrity. Lastly, all the upcoming projects of the Gully star may affect the same. Probably Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom, too, where she returned. Also, Warner Bros. clearly doesn’t have a great track record with their fans lately. That’s another thing to the add-in. Gully could’ve had avoided this if it really worked as a great piece of art. But the event didn’t really turn out either.

Amber Heard’s Gully as the movie itself isn’t that impressive according to critics if we keep the hate, star’s personal life, and past aside. Gully currently holds a really low 1.2/10 rating IMDb rating. We can understand the fans influenced, but even the Rotten Tomatoes score is 23% Fresh.  The fans are dubbing the movie as pointless, confusing, and skippable. So coming to circle, Amber Heard’s Gully isn’t great of a movie, but star power could have saved it. The fans avoiding the film was because of Johnny Depp and Heard’s trial. So let’s take a quick look at it.

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The Amber Heard-Johnny Depp Trial

The hate around Amber Heard and all her upcoming projects is clearly coming from the trial. It all began in 2016 with Heard filing a restraining order for her ex-husband Johnny Depp. She claimed she was facing excessive emotional, verbal, and physical abuse. Sometimes angry, hostile, humiliating, and threatening assaults as well. The restraining order was issued, and the marriage came to an end. Though Depp always denied these accusations.

The Controversy Around Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp later sued Heard for defamation for The Washington Post Article, where she talked about the treatment of women in domestic abuse cases and encouraging them to come out. Depp’s suit denied the abuse and instead claimed Heard was the perpetrator. Depp’s claims came out as true when in 2020, phone recordings with Amber admitting hitting Depp came in court.

Soon a three-week libel trial began, and Depp also filed against The Sun for calling him a wife-beater. But that case backfired for Depp when the court ruled The Sun as correct. Fourteen separate incidents justified their original statements. Since then, Depp was stripped off from most of his movie projects while Amber Heard continued to stay on all of them. This is something that didn’t fit in with the fans. Henceforth we can see the outrage in the form of Amber Heard’s latest outing, Gully’s collection.

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