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AlRawabi School For Girls Season 2: Release Date & Renewal

AlRawabi School for Girls (Netflix)
AlRawabi School for Girls (Source: Netflix)

AlRawabi School for Girls premiered on Netflix on August 12, 2021. This is the second Arabic original series produced by Netflix. The first being Jinn, which was released in 2019. Works for AlRawabi School for Girls began around 2019 and took two years to complete. The series has only 6 episodes of nearly 44-51 minutes each. Director of International Originals at Netflix, Simran Sethi, said that this series is essentially the first Middle Eastern young adult series. It also takes the viewers through the unique perspective of Middle Eastern high school girls while shedding light on the dangers of bullying. The series features an all-female cast. After season 1 ended with a painful cliffhanger, fans are eager to know if there will be a second season. We will talk about everything we know about the series and the probabilities for a second season.

As mentioned above, AlRawabi School for Girls features an all-female cast. It premiered as a Jordanian youth drama miniseries, produced by Filmizion Productions. The scriptwriting was done by Tima Shomali and Shirin Kamal. Andria Tayeh will portray the role of Mariam, the constant target of bullying at AlRawabi School for Girls. Yara Mustafa plays Dina, Mariam’s best friend. Noaf is portrayed by Rakeen Sa’ad, a new admission in the school and a future friend of Mariam. The bullies in the story are the three “popular” girls of the school – Layan, Ruqayyah, and Rania. Noor Taher portrays Layan, Joanna Arida plays the role of Rania, and Salsabelia as Ruqayyah. Catch a glimpse of the series trailer here.

alrawabi school season 2

The bully trio (left to right)- Rania (Joanna Arida), Layan (Noor Taher), and Ruqayyah (Salsabiela) (Source: Netflix)

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The Plot of AlRawabi School For Girls

The first episode, School was my favorite place, begins with flashes of a girl getting beaten. During the tussle, she hits her head and lays there unconscious. Even during the interrogation by the officials, no one seems to open up about the incident. Then we are taken back two weeks before this incident. Here we get introduced to Mariam, the one who got assaulted. And the ones attacking her are the three popular girls of the school – Layan, Ruqayyah, and Rania. Mariam constantly gets bullied by them. Layan has her own secret of sneaking out of school to meet her boyfriend. Mariam tries to get back at her by complaining to the authorities. But Layan finds out and retaliates by attacking her. On top of that, she frames Mariam for assaulting her and gets her suspended.

alrawabi school season 2

Mariam (Andria Tayeh) and Noaf (Rakeen Sa’ad) (Source: Netflix)

After returning from suspension, Mariam teams up with Dina and Noaf to get her revenge. Dina and Noaf were also bullied by them, so they readily agree with her. Soon we find out in the series that Layan’s father is a very influential man and also a huge benefactor to the school. Thus, the Headmistress Faten also takes lax actions towards Layan. But Mariam spares no effort at getting back at her. She gets so adamant about her vengeance that even Dina and Noaf start worrying about her.


Tima Shomali, director of the series (Source: Instagram)

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Will There Be A Second Season Releasing For AlRawabi School for Girls?

Although only six episodes long, the series was a complete emotional rollercoaster. All the main characters involved in the story have significant growth throughout. We also get to see deeper into their lives and what drives their actions. Take Ruqayyah for example. After getting mingled in a scandal plotted by Mariam, she is made to drop out by her family. Then we realize that she followed Layan and supported her out of fear of being left out. Out of her need for approval, she became the aggressor alongside Layan and Rania. The irony in Mariam’s nature is clearly visible by the end, as she has become the bully herself now. Fans liked this not-so-happy ending take of the story, which evoked a more realistic feel to the series.


Scene from AlRawabi School for Girls (Source: Netflix)

The end of the series left too many things open for the viewer’s interpretation. At the very end, we see an enraged brother of Layan holding her boyfriend at gunpoint. And as the screen focuses out from the three, a gunshot is heard in the background. Now, who got shot or whether anyone was shot at all is left open for interpretation. All things would become very clear with the release of a second season. However, AlRawabi School for Girls featured as a limited series on Netflix. So there are no real plans for a season 2. But if the viewership increases, there might be another season in making. As of now, no further seasons are on the schedule.

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