All You Want To Know About The Villain In X-Men-Dark Phoenix

The trailer for X-Men Dark Phoenix released today gave us the first glimpse into what could very well be the last movie in the X-Men franchise after the deal between Disney and Fox.

But what really excited the fans was the new silver-haired villain named Smith in the movie, played by Jessica Chastain. It is evident from the trailer that she tries to bring Jean over to the dark side. She can be seen meeting with Jean in a church, and she tells Jean that she does not belong with the X-Men.

Jessica Chastain on her part has been very secretive about her role in the latest X-Men movie. So far she has not divulged any spoilers. In an interview, she said “I don’t know what I can describe this character without giving everything away. Her character is way smarter than we are. What she realizes is she can use [Jean Grey] to manipulate this world, to turn it against itself”. Well played Smith, you evil warmonger.

Chastain expressed excitement about playing this role, and she said she always wanted to do a big comic book franchise film, and but she had some issue with the female characters in the films she was being offered. She also said that she was really pleased with the script because she thinks it’s a departure from the norm.

So when she says departure from the norm, we are left wondering what direction her character could take. Nonetheless, we are very excited to find out ourselves when the movie comes out.

The movie was originally supposed to come out in November this year but was pushed to February next year.

Mark your calendars as X-Men Dark Phoenix releases on February 14.

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