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All the Games in Crysis Franchise Ranked


Which game in the Crysis franchise is the best in the franchise? Is original still the best? In this blog, we will discuss the best game in the Crysis franchise, from worst to best. Crysis, the series which literally started “Can it run” in the gaming community, is an action-adventure science fiction first-person shooter franchise. The franchise started in 2007 with the first game simply, called Crysis. Crysis, at its release, was way ahead of the gaming generation, with realistic graphics and realistic physics.

Crysis became a huge success for the developers, which paved the way for an expansion, Crysis Warhead, and a sequel called Crysis 2. The Crysis 2 was also a success, and another sequel called Crysis 3 came in 2013. The games follow protagonists wearing a highly advanced exoskeleton suit called Nanosuit. This suit can increase the user’s speed, make them stronger, make them invisible and make their shield more powerful. The protagonist faces an alien species who have come to the Earth to destroy humanity. In 2021, Crytek announced the remaster for the Crysis trilogy. Crysis Remastered trilogy launched in October 2021. The franchise has other media, which includes Novels, Board Games and Comics. All the games in the franchise have positive receptions. The games in the franchise have sold over five million copies.

All the Crysis Ranked

We will now discuss the best Crysis in the franchise, from worst part to best part.

4. Crysis 2

Crysis 2, the sequel to the original game, launched worldwide in 2011, for which Crytek brought in the science fiction authors Peter Watts and Richard Morgan. It takes place in the destroyed New York, which even today looks awesome on the highest level of settings.

All the Games in Crysis Franchise Ranked

Crysis 2

The game had huge anticipation as well as expectation before its release. A bar was set so high for the sequel that it could not even reach it. Why is it on fourth? Well, the levels became linear instead of a semi-open world with a corridorish type of level. The story became very different from the first game. Crysis 2 also had various bugs. At the release of Crysis 2, the developers did not provide extensive graphical settings and had fewer settings than what its predecessor had.

The graphics and visuals had some improvement, but the interactivity with the environment like Crysis was very little. Crysis 2’s multiplayer was heavily praised and liked. The new weapons, with their new modding and attachment, had positive praise as well.



Crysis 2 takes place in the near future, where the alien named Cephs has invaded and destroyed New York. At the same time, there is a new virus outbreak that can cause a complete cellular breakdown. The player takes control of Alcatraz as he navigates around the city to kill and stop the Cephs from destroying humanity.

3, Crysis Warhead

With the success of the first game, Crytek quickly expanded the first game and released a standalone expansion called Crysis Warhead.


Crysis Warhead

Crysis Wahead’s story does not bring anything new in itself but runs parallel to the first game, following a different perspective. The developers listened and brought some gameplay changes to Crysis Warhead. The new protagonist, Psycho, received more praise than the first game’s protagonist.



The game follows the same story as Crysis 1, where the discovery of a massive alien structure has occurred on an island near the East coast of the Philippines. The players control Psycho, who wears an advanced exoskeleton suit called Nanosuit, and traverse the island to stop and defeat the aliens.

2. Crysis 3

Crysis 3, the final game in the Crysis trilogy, was released and ended the trilogy in 2013. 

All the Games in Crysis Franchise Ranked

Crysis 3

The third game took everything from its predecessor and blended it. And the result was not bad. The game was again semi-open type and gave the players much more freedom than Crysis 2. The team wanted to make a game with a revenge plot with an emotional story for the protagonists. The game took some inspiration from District 9 for the emotional aspect.

Crytek made improvement a lot in the third and final game, with the linearity in levels now dumbed down. The vegetations, water flow effects, urban environment, and facial animations got praised heavily. The main show-stealer was the compound bow, for which the devs marketed it heavily. The multiplayer, like the predecessor, had positive reviews.



One of the worst experiences in Crysis 3 is combat. The abilities of the Nanosuit are awesome and all, but straight-up combat with enemies, especially the aliens, is horrible and frustrating. 

Crysis 3 follows the protagonist, Prophet, with his Nanosuit, on his journey of revenge against the Alpha Ceph, who is the leader of the Ceph alien race.

1. Crysis

The one game which started it all, Crysis, is obviously the number one on this list. The famous quote “but can it run Crysis” originated from this game only. Released in 2007, Crysis was so ahead of its generation that it was also called the GPU Melting game.

All the Games in Crysis Franchise Ranked

Original Crysis

Crysis introduced to the players how much potential a game has and how it can grow in the future. The game has realistic graphics and, with that, realistic physics. The game also rose the popularity for the engine on which it was made, CryEngine. Now many other popular franchises like the Farcry series, Sniper Ghost Warrior series, etc., use the CryEngine.



Crysis 1 takes place in the near future near the coast of the East Philippines, where the discovery of a massive structure of alien origin has occurred. The players assume control of Nomad with his super-high technological suit called Nanosuit. Using the Nanosuit, the players navigate the island and uncover the mystery regarding the structures.

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