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Akame Ga Kill – Top 7 “Jaegers” Strongest Characters

Since I saw that a lot of people liked my previous article about Night Raid top 9, today I’m gonna introducing you the top 7 of their main enemies: the Jagers.

Of course, I won’t base my judgment only on what the characters did in the anime and in the manga, but also on what their powers really are.

Let’s start!


Before joining the Jaegers, he was a doctor and scientist in the service of the Empire.

As a scientist, Dr. Stylish had a great intelligence and exceptional observation skills; he was also really able in creating poisons, with one of his most powerful being an invisible, odorless gas that could paralyze everybody.

Stylish was the owner of the Teigu named “Perfector”, which is a set of gloves that increase his fingers speed and dexterity; combining those gloves with his medical knowledge, he could heal any injury and perform incredibly enhanced surgeries on people like Seryu, who received from Dr. Stylish the weapons known as “Judgment Of The Ten HeavenlyKings”.


She was a former member of the Imperial Police who joined the Jaegers because of her strong sense of justice.

Seryu was the owner of a biological Teigu called “Hekatonkheires” which she named Koro; it was capable of growing to an incredible monstrous form on command. It also great regeneration skills and his special ability was the “Berserker”, a kind of transformation which greatly enhances its physical abilities and could stun opponents even by roaring.

5 – RUN

He was Esdeath’s right-hand man.

Run’s Teigu is called “Mastema”; it gives Run a pair of wings which allow him, of course, to fly and also to unleash a lot of piercing feathers that can even kill the foes. In addiction, it also has a special ability thanks to which he can reflect attacks.

Furthermore, he was shown to have good reflexes, good hand-to-hand combat skills and a great endurance.

4 – BOLS

He was the oldest member of the Jaegers; before joining them, he was a member of the Incineration Squad.

Bols’ Teigu is called “Rubicante”; thanks to this kind of flamethrower, he was able to set a fire that doesn’t extinguish even if the target submerges themselves in water; furthermore, he had impressive physical strength.

3 – WAVE

He is a former member of Imperial Navy who decided to join the Jaegers in order to defend the Empire.

Wave uses the Teigu called “Grand Chariot”, that is a more attack-oriented version of Bulat’s Incursio; anyway, we don’t know which one is stronger.

The Grand Chariot increases Wave’s strength and speed as well as giving him the ability to fly; furthermore, it is unable to turn invisible and, thanks to it, he can use an incredible kick-technique named “Grand Fall”.

Wave is also a very skilled swordsman.


She’s the younger sister of Akame and a former member of the Jaegers; like her sister, she has been trained as an assassin.

Like her sister, Kurome owns a Teigu called ” Yatsufusa”, that allows her to enslave up to 8 enemies previously killed with that sword; in addiction, the corpses don’t show any emotion.

She’s also extremely skilled in the art of the sword, she has incredible reflexes and endurance.


Despite her obsession for Tatsumi, Esdeath was a former high-ranked general of the Empire who became the leader of the Jagers in order to fight against the Night Raid, which revealed a very effective assassination group.

Besides being considered one of the world’s strongest soldier, she possessed a powerful Teigu called “Demon’s Extract” which allowed her to manipulate ice and mold it from nothing; thanks to it, Esdeath used to create icicles, freeze people to death and she has also been able to freeze an entire lake and create her own army composed by ice-made soldiers. Incredible!

Written by Jaskaran Oberoi

Hi, my name is Jaskaran Oberoi, and I'm From Punjab, India. I have been an anime for almost 18 years now and a fan of nearly all genres, You will often find me writing about a creepier side of the anime. You can get in touch with me at

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