Admiral Kizaru’s New Voice Actor Revealed

Admiral Kizaru is one of the strongest characters the One Piece world has seen in recent times. He is a logia type devil fruit user. His devil fruit is Pika Pika no Mi aka light light fruit. As the name suggests his obvious power is being able to manipulate light energy at will. He can produce light, himself be light. This is an awesome power to behold.

Also, his late actor Unshō Ishizuka just provided a different dimension to his character. We all loved the way Kizaru talked and were gutted that we won’t be able to hear this amazing voice again. Kizaru was shown in anime for the first time after his voice actor’s death in One Piece episode 881. His new voice actor’s voice was thus heard and it is not so bad.

Ryotaro Okiayu is the new voice actor of Kizaru’s character. He has previously worked in One Piece universe before when he was revealed the be the voice actor of Kaku. Now, that Whole Cake Island arc is done for, Reverie arc has begun. You might feel that the pacing of anime has become really slow. Nowadays, not even a whole chapter is being animated.

There are major reasons for that happening. Most of the awesome staff of One Piece is working on One Piece Stampede movie which is set to be released on 09 August 2019. This movie is being released to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of One Piece manga, which indeed is an astonishing feat. Also, Wano country arc is one of the most interesting and important arcs of One Piece universe.

The anime creators want their full staff on this arc so that the quality of this wonderful arc is maintained. That is the reason why the pacing is anime is becoming slower so that the start of Wano country arc could be delayed as much as possible.

admiral Kizaru

Once the production of the movie wraps up, we all should expect the pacing to go back to normal.

Kizaru might even show up at Wano country war as after the Reverie arc is concluded he basically has nothing to do and since it is going to be the biggest war of One Piece universe thus far, it is likely that the Marines will be most certainly a part of it. Thus, if Marines will arrive Kizaru will also be there for certain. We just hope even of the new voice actor Ryotaro Okiayu doesn’t surpass his former at least he should match him. Do tell us your thoughts on the appointment of Ryotaro Okiayu.

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