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Adam West Net Worth, Career And Legacy

Adam West Net Worth
Adam as Batman

William West Anderson was an American actor who is best known for his role “Bruce Wayne” also known as Batman. He played Batman in the 1960s ABC series and also did its theatrical film in 1966. He reprised the roles in other films until he retired from the role. West was professionally known as Adam West and began working in films in the 1950s. While he was in Hawaii, the director saw him and was impressed by his personality. West was hired in the local TV program “The Kinki Popo” and was cast alongside a chimp that was named Peaches in the show. 

Some of his outstanding movies are “Geronimo (1962)”, “The Outlaws is coming (1965)” and “Robinson Crusoe on Mars (1964)”. He also gave his voice for the shows like “The Fairly OddParents (2003-2017)”, “The Simpsons (1992, 2002)” and “Family Guy (2000-2018)”. He played fictional versions of himself in all the three shows where he gave his voice. 

Adam West was a native of Walla Walla, Washington, and was born on 19, 1928. West was inspired by her mother who was an opera singer and left her Hollywood dreams just to take care of her family. He later moved to Seattle with his mother as his parents divorced. He completed his schooling and graduation in Seattle. Adam also served in American Army and later also did a job as a milkman. 

West married three times in his lifetime and had two stepchildren. He first married his college girlfriend Billie Lou Yeager in 1950, but their marriage ended in 1956. Adam later married Cook Island Dancer Ngatokorua Frisbie Dawson and shared two children; they decided to divorce in 1962. He married Marcelle Tag in 1970 and shared two children. Their marriage survived for 46 years until West’s demise. 

Adam West Net worth

Adam West died at the age of 88 on 9th June 2017. He was suffering from Leukaemia and took his last breath in Los Angeles. But he left huge earnings and earned a lot of wealth in his lifetime. Adam West’s net worth accounts for $8 million as of 2021. Even after his death, Adam’s investments and earnings account for handsome money at the end of the year. His career accelerated in the 1960s when William Dozier cast Adam West as Bruce Wayne. In 1970 he was also considered for the role of James Bond for the role of Diamonds Are Forever. However, West’s post-bat man career was a bit troubled.  

Adam West Net Worth

In 2013, he sold his California mansion for sale and set a minimum price of 1.5 million dollars. The house is located in Palm Springs and was built in 1954. The house could carry a large number of guests and had three bedrooms plus five bathrooms. While he was alive, he lived in the nearby state of Idaho but was obsessed with his mansion in Palm String.     

No other information about his wealth and investment has ever been made public. The legend was active in the acting industry from 1954 till his last breath. 

Adam West and his controversial sex life

Fame can do anything to a good and naïve human. Well, Adam was not naïve, but he surely was not a fame-obsessed human until he played the role of Bruce Wayne. He allegedly lived wildlife that was filled with sex, orgy, and a lot of girls. He slept with eight women and was obsessed with an orgy. It was during his sixties that his personality became more enhanced, and women just could not keep themselves in control and gave him a lot of attention. His black and grey costume drove ladies crazy, and he got a lot of female attention. Albeit, Adam made sure that he makes the most of the attention he is getting from females. He and his co-star Burt Ward (Robin in batman) said that they used to have fun with women in between the scenes. 

Adam became regulars at orgies. The limit was crossed when once Adam and Frank Gorshin were banned from the orgy because they use to mimic their characters in the middle of the orgy. West said that it was funny to them, and they were just got kicked out and were expelled from the orgy. West reportedly dated actress and sisters Natalie and Lana Wood.   

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