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Actor Ji Sung Sends Food Truck and Support for his Wife, Lee Bo Young on ‘Mine’ Set

Actor Ji Sung sent food truck for Lee Bo Young On the Set of Mine
Promotional pictures for Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young

Recently, the internet is trending with the sweet move of actor Ji Sung for his wife. Actor Ji Sung sends food truck and support for his wife, Lee Bo Young on “Mine” Set. It is a warm gift and surprise for Lee Bo Young and also a way for Ji Sung to express his love. Ji Sung and Bo Young make a fine pair and definitely give couple goals for everyone. The pair is the Korean industry’s prominent celebrities. They have been together for six years before getting married in 2013. They met way back in 2004 on the Save the Last Dance for Me series sets. The couple also has two children, a daughter, and a son. Their names are Kwak Woo-Sung and Kwak Ji-Yoo respectively.

Fans are cherishing and cheering for the couple. The pair’s intimacy is always growing, and never fail to show their love despite them being together for so many years. The recent move is one such way of showing the actor’s love for his wife. Furthermore, the viral pictures of the actress show her happiness after receiving the support and love of her husband. Lee Bo Young posed while flashing a sign of victory and smiling in front of the food and coffee truck. The efforts of her husband truly made her happy.

Actor Ji Sung sends Food Truck and Support for his Wife, Lee Bo Young on “Mine” Set.

Actor Ji Sung shows love and support for his wife, Lee Bo Young, by sending food trucks and beautiful messages during her shooting for the Mine drama. The news came on June 07, 2021, Monday from the agency of Lee Bo Young, J, WIDE-COMPANY. Furthermore, the company shared Lee Bo Young’s pictures with a coffee and food truck, which was sent by her husband on Instagram. The same got sent to the shooting of her latest ongoing drama, Mine. They uploaded four images on Instagram with the actress posing on all the pictures. Furthermore, the food truck has Ji Sung’s banner, and the coffee truck has Lee Bo Young’s banner.

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The company has uploaded the images with a caption stating about the actor sending a coffee and steak truck to the tvN drama Mine sets for the actress. Furthermore, the steak and coffee truck contains writings on the banners. The food truck one stated about the enthusiasm of Ji Sung on cheering for his wife. He also states her as one of the most lovable actresses in the world. Moreover, Ji Sung also cheers the team of Mine drama. Ji Sung also asks everyone to take care of their health and gain strength until the end. On the other hand, the coffee truck banner states the gratitude of the actor for cherishing and loving his Lee Bo Young a lot.Β 

Actor Ji Sung shows support by sending food truck for Lee Bo Young On the Set of Mine

Actress Lee Bo Young in the Mine series

Well, it is a sweet move and a romantic surprise for Lee Bo Young. It is also not the first time that the actor showed love for his wife in public. In March, the actor too sent a coffee truck at the filming site of Bo Young. Furthermore, the actress previously sent a food truck in the Kill Me Heal Me filming set for her husband in 2015.Β 

Mine: What is it About?

Mine, once again, explores the lives of women in the powerful society. However, the drama revolves around only one family, the Hyowon Group. They altogether live in another world by their own description and rules. Furthermore, they are very powerful. Chairman Han leads the powerful real estate developers group, Hyowon Group. But, the series focuses on the two daughters-in-law of the Han Group. The women want to find actual joys in their life while enjoying their extravagant life. But, will it be easy for them?Β 

In the drama, Lee Bo Young plays the role of one daughter-in-law, Seo Hee-soo. She is the second daughter-in-law of the group that was a former actress. Now, she lives with her husband, Han Ji-Yong, and stepson Ha-Joon. Seo Hee-So also gave up being an actress for marrying into Hyowon Group’s family. Furthermore, she does not want to lose her actual self by maintaining her self-confidence all the time. Power struggles arise in the family after the head of the family goes into a coma.Β 

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