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New Elden Ring Trailer Leaked Online, The Gameplay Looks Epic

Elden Ring

Elden Ring is one of the most anticipated upcoming games. It is being developed by From Software, who are the creators behind Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro series. All of their previous games have been a critical and commercial success. They are now working on their new IP, which is Elden Ring who’s story has been written by Gorge R. R. Martin, the man behind the infamous franchise named Game of Thrones. The hype surrounding this game was insane, and when the trailer for the game was unveiled, the internet lost it with the insane visuals and the mystery that surrounded it. Since that trailer, nothing was revealed about the game, and fans were becoming more and more desperate to get any information about it.

Recently, the prays of the many fans was answered as there was a trailer leaked online by some people, which was first brought to the attention by VGC that a trailer was circulating in online group chats. This trailer was labeled as ‘Bandai Namco confidential’, and in that, we can see the gameplay footage of Elden Ring itself, which is pretty insane. The game had somewhat souls-like gameplay, and it also had horseback fighting. Many enemies looked a lot like a boss, which includes a dragon that was burning everything around it. As well as many other things which gave us a glimpse at the world that players will be exploring. It is the first open-world game by From Software which is a bit out of their comfort zone, and it is good that they are trying something new to keep their fans happy and interested in their games.

Elden Ring news

Fans have been waiting for quite some time now for details on Elden Ring; they have finally gotten them it means that it wasn’t forgotten by From Software. Many other details suggested that the trailer which was leaked was a trailer that wasn’t supposed to see the light of day, and it was a trailer from the old version of the game. This is somewhat true as the graphics do make it a bit old in terms of current gaming standards. The combat is very reminiscent of Dark Souls and Bloodborne, which is a very great thing to see. But these won’t be the only features in the game as it was previously leaked that the game will have a very interesting system which is that players will lose their body parts when a great deal of damage is done to them.

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But to combat that, players will be able to use prosthetic parts to make up for it. This is a very cool and unique concept that will make the game even more interesting. The multiplayer of the game will also be similar to Dark Souls’ multiplayer, which means invasion and all that great stuff. The story aspects of the game are still unknown for the most part, but it is for certain that players have to find something that is called Elden Ring, and this is all that has been revealed by the developers. As the trailer was circulating the internet, many other rumors were going around, which suggested that the game will be showcased during the Xbox event. But as this rumore started speculating, Aaron Greenberg, who is the marketing chief of Microsoft, came out and cleared things out on Twitter.

He retweeted an article that hinted at this and said that there wouldn’t be anything about Elden Ring in the upcoming Xbox event. But there might be hope there still as he didn’t point towards Elden Ring instead, it was something else. It has been far too long since we last heard about Elden Ring, and now all of this happening seems that they are building hype for the game, which could mean an official trailer or official news about the game could be getting revealed. The game’s release date hasn’t been revealed, and delay could happen because of the Coronavirus because it is really hard to make a game will the developers aren’t together. Hopefully, the game doesn’t get rushed and gets ruined like Cyberpunk 2077.

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