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A Classic Horror Story Ending Explained

A classic horror story ending explained

A Classic Horror Story opens with the main characters going on a trip. Ricardo, Fabrizio, Mark and his girlfriend Sofia, and Elisa are going on a road trip through Southern Italy. The road trip comes to a violent stop as they crash their RV. With no signals or phone service, the group wanders around the woods, stranded and lost. They come across a creepy cabin in the middle of a clearing. The group then heads to the cabin. They discover a great deal of creepiness in the cabin. There are severed heads of animals as well as photographs of creepy farmers. They then head back to their RV. A while later, they hear noises coming from the cabin, so they head back inside. They eventually find the attic and climb inside it. There, they find a weird egg-shaped nest.

And inside the nest is a trapped girl with her severed tongue kept in a jar beside the nest. They scramble the nest and free the girl. That’s when stark red lights illuminate, and sirens start blaring outside the cabin. Through the window, the group covertly witnesses three hooded people dragging Mark, who was asleep, out of the RV. They then start dragging Mark inside the cabin while the group closes the attic’s hatch. They then witness through the gaps in the floor, in horror, as the masked men strap Mark to a table and break his feet before impaling his head through his eyeball with a cruel drilling contraption. The night of horror passes, and the group makes a run for it. They start running through the woods, along with the girl they freed.

Is A classic Horror story on Netflix

The group searching the cabin’s attic.

Escape Attempt And Horrifying Discovery

After running for a while, they stumble across the wreckage of dozens of cars. It’s obvious that the main characters are not the first group to meet the horrible fate. As they try to make sense of the horrifying situation, conflicts begin to arise amidst the group. Sofia blames Richardo for not letting her go to help Mark. However, Mark blames her back, saying she didn’t try all that much to save Mark herself. Inside one of the abandoned cars, the girl shows Elisa a book with a photograph of her family. We learn that her family met the same fate as Mark, with the girl being the only survivor. The girl then writes her name — Chiara — on the notebook and shows it to Elisa. When Elisa asks Chiara if she knows a way out of the forest, Chiara replies that it’s not a forest.

The group starts walking again and finds themselves back where they fled from. Frustrated and terrified, they take refuge in the cabin’s attic again. Fabrizio provides the group with some beer, and they all take a nap afterward. Elisa then wakes up abruptly by the red lights and blaring sirens. Seeing as there’s no one left in the attic, she goes outside to take a look at what’s going on. That’s when she witnesses a crowd of masked individuals gathered around Sofia and Richardo. Hands and legs tied, the two are hung on two logs. There’s seemingly a ritual going on. Two masked individuals cut Sofia and Richardo’s eyes off.

The Reveal of The Masked Cult

Towards the ending of A Classic Horror Story, Fabrizio takes Elisa inside the cabin and embraces her. Elisa then spots the beer bottle, and it hits her. She asks Fabrizio why she did not wake up amidst all the chaos. She asks him what he put in her beer. Fabrizio fibs and eventually drops the act. He calls someone to “take her,” and masked individuals grab Elisa and take her away. She is taken to a dining table where we see the whole cult of masked people called “Mafia”, except they’re unmasked now.

A classic horror story review

Elisa, in front of the cabin. A Classic Horror Story/Netflix.

At the opposite end of the table is sitting the matriarch of the cult, the “Mom.” As Elisa whimpers in pain, the dinner guests all creepily imitate her. The “mom” tells her that the family is happy because she is here. She tells Elisa that now that she’s here, the family will be well fed. Elisa is then taken away to a room with a couple of screens broadcasting footage from cameras that are installed all over this place. Fabrizio then appears on the screen.

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A Classic Horror Story Ending Explained

A Classic Horror Story ending sees Elisa realizing that Fabrizio had been recording all of them for his movie. Fabrizio goes on a sick tirade about creative filmmaking and people’s demand for gruesome content. He tells her how he made this movie, turning the three founders of the mafia into Freddy, Jason, and Leatherface. Elisa tells him that his movie sucks. It’s derivative of all the classic cliches of a horror story. After the screens turn off, Elisa musters up the courage to free her hands that were nailed to the wheelchair. She then sneaks into one of the many tents. She finds the several masks of the cult and the video cameras Fabrizio uses to shoot his snuff films. Elisa then covertly watches inside Fabrizio’s RV. She sees that Chiara is Fabrizio’s sister and a recurring actor in her films.

As Chiara opens the door of the RV, Elisa awaits her outside with a shotgun. She shoots Chiara dead and then shoots Fabrizio in the leg. Asking her not to shoot him, he tells her to find a way where he doesn’t get killed. A masked Elisa tells him not to worry, saying, “it’s only a movie.” She then shoots him in the mouth and records it all on a camera. She then escapes through the woods and finally arrives on a beach. As the families on the beach start recording her, Elisa finally regains the signal on her phone. She then walks towards the ocean and takes a dip. The ending of A Classic Horror story show people criticizing the snuff film on a parody Dark web version of Netflix called Bloodflix.

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