• My Hero Academia season 4 Release Date
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    My Hero Academia Season 4 Trailer Launched

    In the recent week, My Hero Academia season 4 news has been coming in a lot. We have seen news confirming that season will air in the month of October and now suddenly the trailer of the fourth season is already out. These are exciting times for the fans of worlds fastest growing manga series. […] More

  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure make-up
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    JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Makeup Line Launched

    JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is one of the well-known manga and anime series. It is known for its unique full of life character designs and the punchy colours they use. The designing of the manga characters are indeed bizarre but that is exactly what makes it stand out in the world full of different sorts of […] More

  • One Piece 946 spoilers

    One Piece Chapter 946 Review

    Oda who is popularly known as Oda the madman because of his insane art craft and awesome writing. He keeps on surprising us and more importantly we will have been witnessing one awesome chapter after another. In One Piece chapter 945, we got to see Vinsmoke Sanji and Roronoa Zoro battling X-Drake and Kyoushiro. The […] More

  • Dr Stone anime simuldub

    Dr Stone Anime Added To Simuldub List By Funimation

    Dr Stone anime is about to launch in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, Funimation has added it to the list of its Simuldub list. This means that the English dubbed versions of Dr Stone anime will air online almost simultaneously with the Japanese anime version which is great for the English speaking audience in United States […] More

  • my Hero Academia season 4 Release Date

    My Hero Academia Season 4 Release Date Revealed

    My Hero Academia aka Boku no Hero Academia is one of the modern-day shonen manga sensations. Its manga is released every week but the anime of the series comes in the form of seasons. Thus far we have seen three seasons of My Hero Academia anime released. In the anime we have seen first All […] More

  • One Piece chapter 946 spoilers

    “One Piece” Chapter 946 – Updates

    One Piece manga is just releasing one awesome chapter after another and Oda is just making us crave for new chapters week in week out. In the last chapter, we got quite a few new details. In this chapter, we saw how cleverly Basil Hawkins has trapped Trafalgar D Law. Hawkins knows that he cannot […] More

  • One piece wano director

    ‘One Piece’ Wano Arc Director Revealed

    One Piece is going to start the adaptation of Wano country arc from the start of July. While there is still more than a month left for this to happen, One Piece has announced who will take over the reins of direction in this upcoming arc. The new director of One Piece is none other […] More

  • men in black International Review

    Men in Black International Review: Yet Another Disappointment

    With sizzling chemistry on display between Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth in Thor: Ragnarok, the duo is back for Men In Black: International. Tessa was seen in a movie delivering her performance which she managed to overmatch. Men in Black: International is not only missing Will Smith’s charisma but it has got nothing of it’s […] More

  • Jigen Otsutsuki form

    Jigen’s “Otsutsuki” Form Revealed in “Boruto” Manga

    As we know Jigen has been lurking in the dark and we didn’t know much about him or his past up until the Boruto chapter 35. In this chapter, we saw Sai has sent Sasuke Uchiha to the coordinates which were disclosed in Konohamaru’s retrieved pen drive. Sai also mentioned that enemy sort of wanted […] More

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