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    10 Hit Adult Anime You Totally Need It – UPDATE

    Today I have made a list of 10 most exciting adult anime that you should definitely be watching this year! Enjoy! 10. Highschool DxD- The classic adult anime will be getting a fourth season,  probably this year. 9. Citrus- Yuzuko Aihara, a high school girl whose main interests are fashion, friends, and having fun, is […]

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    Top 10 Strongest Female Characters of Bleach

    Here is the list of Top 10 Strongest Female Characters of Bleach. They are equally appealing and attractive but when it comes to power, they are beasts! The list is arguable and only my evaluation. 10. Giselle Gewelle She proved to be a powerful Quincy during the war. Her ability to take control of anyone who gets […]

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    Lafitte’s Crazy Powers The Mythical Zoan of Legend

    Have you ever wondered how did Lafitte manage to sneak into the Shichibukai meeting? In marineford, it was stated that Lafitte uses hypnosis on the marines to open the gates of justice. He may have done the same to sneak into the meeting. But how is Lafitte able to hypnotize people? Is it Devil Fruit? […]

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    DBS New Warrior’s Real Identity Revealed

    Hey guys. We have some pretty awesome news about the next episode of Dragon Ball Super. In the next episode, we know that in the next episode of Dragon Ball Super that it is going to be an all-out battle between Universe 3 and Universe 7. In the next episode, we will witness the trump […]

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    One Piece – How Strong Is Yasopp?

    Yasopp is the sniper of the Red Hair Pirates and one of Shanks’ core crewmates alongside with Benn Beckman and Lucky Roo; in addition, we know that he’s also Usopp’s father. As far as his backstory is concerned, Yasopp left his wife and his son in order to become a pirate, but he usually talks […]

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    10 Amazing Facts About Yhwach!

    Here are 10 Amazing Facts About Yhwach. Yhwach is the main villain of The Thousand-Year Blood War Arc. He was undoubtedly the most powerful character in the series.  “Such a wonderful dream. The nightmarish ones are always the most enjoyable.” Yhwach 10. He was the Father of the Quincy and his age was more than 1200 years. […]

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    Frieza’s Hidden Plan And Fate In ToP

    As the end of the Tournament of Power draws near, Frieza will soon be forced to engage in a significant battle to help the Universe 7 win the tournament. Frieza has not only been watching every situation inside the arena but also to what the Gods are speaking in the stands to formulate a plan […]

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    Future Trunks’ Interesting Connection With ToP

    Hey guys. Dragon Ball Super is quickly moving towards the end of Tournament of Power. There are just three Universes left in the Tournament, who are desperately trying to ensure their survival. However, as we know that another universe will be getting eliminated from the Tournament of Power. We pretty much know Universe 3 is […]