6 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Itachi Uchiha


Among all the countless characters that we can find in the world of Naruto, one of the most beloved ever is for sure Itachi Uchiha.

Apart from being also one of the strongest characters ever seen, he’s also a very deep one; in fact, despite every Naruto fan is supposed to know him very well, today I’m going to introduce you the 5 facts you (probably) didn’t know about Itachi.

Let’s go!


Once Kishimoto stated that Itachi is his favorite character; for this reason, someone speculated that, in reality, Kishimoto didn’t make him die because of the fight, but because of an illness, so that Itachi will be always remembered as an undefeated character.

In particular, this illness is called “Microscopic Polyangiitis”, which is essentially an autoimmune disorder which makes Itachi’s antibodies attacking his own vessels, causing him coughing of blood and loss of stamina.

Despite this condition, he has been able to defeat Orochimaru and almost defeat also his elder brother Sasuke, unbelievable!


As we know, during his years as a teenager, Itachi took part in a special assassination group composed of 70 members and divided into 4 teams; this group was called “Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Buta” (ANBU), which literally means “Special Assassination And Tactical Squad”, and, at its beginning, it was very different and crueler than its later version.

This explains why, despite the fact that Kakashi, Yamato, Sai and Itachi took part in the ANBU, they all have different attitudes towards their jobs and their enemies.


The name “Itachi” literally means “wizard” and, following the Japanese culture, wizards are symbols of bad luck; this is probably the reason why Itachi usually substitutes into crows (which are symbols of bad luck too) and also to the fact that he had a very sad and difficult life.


In 2015 was released a story illustrated by Kishimoto named “Itachi Shinden”, which has been very useful for the fans who still didn’t know about some information about Itachi’s private life and backstory, such as, for example, the details of the Uchiha Clan massacre and Itachi’s love story.


Most of the jutsu coming from the Sharingan are related to the Shinto deities; some examples are Izanagi and Izanami, who are said to be the deities that created all the other ones, Amaterasu, that is the deity of the Sun and Tsukuyomi, that is the deity of the Moon.