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6 Shows To Watch If You Loved Money Heist

6 Shows To Watch if you liked Money Heist

Money Heist, The most popular show on Netflix. Money Heist is the first Spanish debut show which has been famous worldwide. In Spanish, it is called La Cas Da Papel. The series is directed by Alex Pina. In the series, the cast featuring are Alvaro Morte, Ursula Cobero, Itziar Ituno, Pedro Alonso, Miguel Herran, Jaime Lorente and Esther Acebo. Netflix bought up the show and added it to their streaming service because of its popularity. 4.3 million viewers at starting and literally waited for season 2. The rating by IMDB was given 8.6, which pretty much decent. Money Heist is all about The professor using his intellectual brain and crew following it in an apt way. The main characters are Nairobi, Berlin, Raquel Murillo, Palermo, Tokyo, Monica Gaztambide, and Rio.

Money Heist is about the robbery where Professor directs the team on how to attack a bank, how to handle the Hostages, How to survive and what steps to be taken at what time, What plans should be implemented. It is a long series where each part of it remains very much amazing. Money Heist has released 4 seasons, and 5th season is on its way. There is no official date given for season 5. Yet the wait of the season is totally worth it. Season 1 and Season 2 revolve around a storyline of bank robbery.

The crew of robbers will be dressed in black and red, wearing a unique mask, which stays as the special attraction. They target the bank and hi-jack and also make sure the hostages are treated well. They never kill Hostages. The plan of robbery is implemented by Professor. Whatever happens inside, every move will be decided by the professor, and the way he draws the sketches of robbery and assumed the future is so apt, It just happens in the same way. Every action plan has a plan B. They don’t just rely on one Plan; they even have an alternative plan for everything. The Hijack of a bank doesn’t remain for one day; it continues long. Outside the Bank waits, a crew of police, guns in their hands and covering the bank with positions in all directions.

In season 1 and season 2, the Senior Investigating Officer deals with cases in an amazing way, where the predictions will already be guessed. In season 3 and season 4 is all about a different Robbery, and season 5 is in suspense. The director of Money Heist leads extraordinary visuals, where each scene or scenario is well portrayed, and everyone had become huge fans of the twists. The character acting as Robbers in the series, each one kept their souls in the characters, and the output of everyone stays amazing. The Thought process of The Professor is faster than the Police Officer. He predicts the worst case and best case that could happen and plans out for both cases. Hence every Money Heist is a very much worth watching series.

Spoiler Alert

If you haven’t seen season 1 and season 2, here is a spoiler; in season 3, We can see Lisboa, the Senior Investigation Officer, in this case, gets married to Professor, and that remains as an ultimate twist. Whereas season 3 and season 4 is a plan of new bank robbery. In season 3, the most loved character by everyone in Nairobi will be shot by a gun and will be on death, and the way of representing it is something awestruck.

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6 Shows To Watch if you liked Money Heist

Money Heist crew with masks on

Here is a list of some shows if you should watch if you liked Money heist:

1. Prison Break

The title itself shows that it’s a crime action web series. This series is related to evil and good, consisting of 4 Seasons. Season 5 is going to be released, yet there is no official confirmation of the date. For every season, approximately 9.2 million viewers have been recorded, which has can be called a superhit series. Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller play the leading roles apart from other roles. Before the release, everyone thought that Prison break is a complex show, but after the release, it had a decent plot and enough twists where the audience’s attention had been dragged. The two main characters in the series or the storyline run between two brothers Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows. However, the characters will difficult to love as it is very much near to real life. The realistic can never be loved but can be adored.

Lincoln is accused in the murder case of Terrence Steadman, brother of the female Vice President of the United States. According to the strong evidence by the cops, and the murder was done brutally, Lincoln was sentenced to death rope in Fox River Penitentiary. Here comes the brother of Lincoln, Micheal, who was convinced that his brother is innocent and was even sure that he wouldn’t do the murder. Rather, he was suspected wrongly for the execution. Micheal tries to find a new connection to rescue his brother, either legally or illegally. Micheal finds his connection and was very focused on planning, making sure of things around him, as escaping from a murder case is not easy. He plans everything eventually, but when Lincoln is about to be executed, his plans fall apart. Micheal had planned, and nothing worked according to it. It’s not because of the malfunctioning of the equipment but because of the humans. This ends season 1.

In season 2, it was attempted to escape eight members who are against the law, and they have to remain low and calm as they shouldn’t be identified by everyone. Here comes the new character, Alex Mahone, who is the FBI agent. Alex tries to track the escaped convicts. Meanwhile, Micheal and the other escapes try to dress up as a local civilian so that there will be a bit less clue on finding the victims. Meanwhile, the conspiracy plot develops as The company continues its plan to locate and eliminate Lincoln and others who get in their way. It seems like everything came to an end, but no. season 3 has much more interesting twists. Lincoln will be exonerated for all his crimes.

They end up in Panama, and Sara, who acts as the girlfriend of Micheal, has been seen there. The entry of Agent Kim screws up everything. He puts Micheal and Lincoln at gunpoint in the boat. Kim is an all-set shot where Sara from behind shoots Kim, and it hits his chest and falls into the water bed. Micheal and Sara try to escape in one direction, where Lincoln finds another direction. The storyline is all about Micheal trying to free the person named James Whistler. In season 4, it is all about taking revenge against the Company and the return of new characters. The theme line stays quite interesting in it. Adding up new characters and hiring them in the quest. According to the news, Season 5 evolves with a storyline of how new characters are going to be, what would be the next step, and will the case filled will come to an end.

6 Shows To Watch if you liked Money Heist

2. Breaking Bad

Breaking bad is a neo-western crime drama television web series, which had breaking records. Scripted for 5 Seasons telling out a complex story. It describes the character of a human who is cancer-diagnosed, redirects him to start cooking and sell meth. The story of a chemistry professor combines with a Drug seller who keeps doing many experiments. Breaking Bad was never a simple show; it always had a sequel, and each season has its own significance. Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn, Aaron Paul features the major roles in the series.

In season 1, Walter will be diagnosed with lung cancer, combines with Jesse to cook methamphetamine, and also can be called meth. Meanwhile, Jesse finds out an old van to cook meth in it. As Walt is a chemistry professor, he knows all the chemicals; still, he read the books and finds a way to make the drug. He adopts unregulated chemicals.

In season 3, Guss asks Walter to work for him as Drugmaker and prepare meth, where Walter requests that he wanted Jesse as his assistant rather than Gus’s choice. On the other way, Hank investigates for Jesse, and he finds no evidence. Previously there was an attack on Hank by Walter and Jesse. Jesse, with all his tensions, his behavior turns bad, and Gus replaces him, Gale. Later on, Walter finds a way to kill Gus and instructs Jesse to kill Gale, and he gives out the instructions. They find the pure form of the drug with a tint blue color. Walter himself gives a name called Heisenburg. Whereas Hank and the DEA, the friends of Jesse, will be aware of the drug trade, and they start the search for them.

In season2, Jesse comes with drug dealers where they become unsafe dealers. Where Walter doesn’t like it and tells Jesse to move out. Walter finds out high profile drug dealer named Gus. Meanwhile, Jesse dates his apartment manager, and on a day, she becomes high on heroin, and Jesse does not know what to do. He disappears. While Gus asks to pay off half of his investment where he doesn’t like to pay it to Guss. While Walter returns to Jesse and apologizes.

In season 4, Gus stays alive, and he increases the security of the Lab. Walter’s wife accepts his method of cooking and works with saul to launder his earrings. Hank recovers and comes back in search of Jesse. He finds Gale’s dead and starts to investigate, and returns to Gus for the drug trade. Gus releases Walter and plans to kill Hank, and Walter sets up Jesse to kill Gus. And convince Hector for a pipe bomb to place it in the room to kill both Hank and Gus. In Season 5, Gus will be dead. Where Walter, Jesse, and Mike start a new business. Many mysterious fights and at the Jesse escapes from Walter dies eventually in the lab.

6 Shows To Watch if you liked Money Heist

3. Designated Survivor

Designated Survivor is an American political drama television series streaming on Netflix. Designated Survivor is directed by David Guggenheim. It is designed for 3 different seasons. It is a remake of a South Korean series. The main featuring characters are Tom Kirkman, Alex Kirkman, Aaron Shore, Emily Rhodes, Mike Ritter, Leo Kirkma, Seth Wright, Hannah Wells, Chuck Russink, Lyor Boone plays the leading roles. In season 1, The opening would be with a lowly secretary of housing and urban development. Tom Kirckman states that he is the only person left out to become the President where explosions occur throughout the capital during the state of Union. Tom combines with Congresswoman Kimble Hookstraten to have a scope to become the President. On the other hand, the FBI investigates the attack that happened and finds clues on it. Also starring Natascha McElhone and Kal Penn.

In season 2, After the attack, President Kirkman starts to set rebuilding of Union and tries to trace out the Terriosits responsible for enacting a catastrophic attack in the United States. While everything happening in the capital, a flight gets Hijacked in Russia by Ukrainian extremists. Here show the tactics of the President, how he plays the key and the resulting hostage situation. In season3, Many questions will be left out. What does it take to make a leader? What are the tactics he plays? This season shows us about fake news, Democracy, finance, and how to handle peer pressures. Netflix recently announced that there wouldn’t be any new season whereas, the other reasons will remain streaming on Netflix.

4. High Seas

High Seas a Spanish mystery series streaming on Netflix. High Seas is all about the three seasons. This amazing series is created by Ramon Campos, Gema R. Neira and executive production is done by Carlos Sedes, Ramon Campos, Teresa Fernandaz-Valdes. The series includes Ivana Baquero, Alejandra Onieva, Jon Kortajarena, Eloy Azorin. Eva and Carolina are two sisters who are on the way to their cruise ship for one-way travel from Spain to Brazil. We can have a question why the travel is one way. As Carolina is getting married On Board with Rio, the Cruise Owner, and Eva is an author who planned to meet a publisher who has been interested in her work. While they are traveling to the port, they hit a woman named Luisa. Luisa says she will die if some people find her, Eva believes in the words of Luisa and manages to step in inside the Cruise as it wouldn’t be a tough thing for them to take Luisa into the Cruise because Carolina is getting hitched to Rio the shipowner. Luisa says she was running from her fiance.

While Everyone on Cruise kicking starting their new lives. The sisters lost their father, and they were under the guidance of their uncle Pedro. The Captain of the ship lost his wife, and he was leading the ship for the first time, and he was expecting no superstition like an albatross hitting the bridge right before they set sail. His first officer, Nicolas Vazquez is a thief until the captain took him under his wing. As Eva gets comfortable with Nicolas on the deck around midnight, she hears a woman screaming sees she is falling from the ship. The Crew searches for the woman, Eva, and Carolina thinks that the woman was Luisa. But a question rises as she fell into the sea, or did anyone pushed her.  They suspect a crime has happened on the Cruise, and Carolina was suspected of it. Hence Mystery continues. No spoilers were released, though.

6 Shows To Watch if you liked Money Heist

5. Narcos 

Narcos is an American Crime Thriller web series streaming on Netflix. The Series has been created and produced by Chris Brancato, Carlo Bernard, and Doug Miro. Narcos is a total of three seasons. The main cast featuring Wagner Moura, Boyd Holbrook, Pedro Pascal, Joanna Christie, Maurice Compte, Andre Mattos, Paulian Gaitan, Paulina Garcia, Stephanie Sigman, Bruno Bichir. The series is all about the rise of drug kingpins and other illegal operations. Pablo Escobar is a real gangster and a fictional one. The show built a compelling two-season crime thriller around his amazing life and death. While Narcos is building its own fame, Escobar died, and the third season was continued by the Colombian cartel.

In season 1, it defines the story of Mexico’s first drug kingpin, Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo. The scenario implosion of Gallardo’s empire, a collapse that had become trending news on television. Yet, despite the thrilling scenarios, they step in. Narcos Mexico doesn’t look like having ambitions for criminals and pushing more product. In season 2, Narcos Mexico wanted to be clear about the consequences. The collapse of Gallardo’s empire leads directly from rude actions taken during his rise. The murder of DEA agent Kiki Camarena sends agent Walt Breslin on a careless mission of Penality. Many relationships were ruined, friendships set fire to use as fuel for ambition, to get the power of Gallardo. Which ultimately resulted in elections. Central and South Americans are lawless for the corrupt. Every Narcose complicates the situation. The actual moral or the storyline of the show is pretty simple to understand. The dealers deserve whatever’s coming to them, the bad guys often win, and the good guys should be able to do whatever it takes to stop them. Narcos cant complicate the situations any further.


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6. Elite

Elite is a Spanish thriller drama series streaming on Netflix.  The elite series is created by Carlos Montero and David  Madrona. Elite completely a high school Spanish drama. The main cast featuring Marina Pedraza, Itzan Escamilla, Miguel Bernardeau, Migual Herran, Jaime Lorente, Alvaro Rico, Mina EL Hammani, Omar Ayuso, Ester Exposito, Danna Paola. Elite is the show of three students Nadia, Samuel, and Christian, who gets a scholarship in one of the schools named Las Encinas in Spain. A construction company gives the scholarship for the students as a reward because the old school collapsed at that was the mistake of the construction company. Initially, the three students were eliminated by the wealthy group as the three students came with scholarships. As time passed, their lives were twisted in a clash of lifestyles, resentments, envy, and sexual attraction. Through a series of flash-forward scenes of police interrogations, the audience is shown stories of the characters’ relationships that lead to Marina’s murder.

In Season2, After the murder scenes, Samuel’s presence is unknown. Meanwhile, three new students named Valerio, Rebeka, and Cayetana will join the school, where each has their own privacy and secrets, and they don’t share them with anyone. Nano was the person who was accused of Marina Murder, whereas Samuel tries to erase his brother Nano. Polo attempts Suicide as he doesn’t like his life, laterally he lived happily with the help of Cayetana. Ander’s mental health deteriorates due to the burden of keeping Polo’s secret. Polo has been arrested in Marina’s Murder mystery. It two weeks of time to get back and get back to school. In season 3, Students will be in their last semester and after completing the semester. In the end, they have a graduation party where Polo will be dead. Samuel and Guzman try to bring justice for his death. In the end, there was no suspect found. His Parents stated that it was a suicide; hence, he was accused in Marina’s Murder Case.

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