Anime List That Mecha Genre Fans need To Watch

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The mecha genre, as hardcore fans might acknowledge, has its roots back to the late 50s. It can easily be considered as the oldest and one of the most varied genres in anime. It has been used as a method to narrate all the stories of war. Those anime featured kids who are just teenagers are barely holding it all together at a place where any day could prove to be their last one. Obviously, it is a pretty difficult way to find our way out around this animated world where hundreds of possible shows could be viewed. To your aid, we have brought forth that throws the entire focus on the best mecha anime series that has ever come out. This is the place where new viewers can have a place to begin within the first place.

Armored Trooper VOTOMS

In this story, we witness Chirico Cuvie. He used to be a special Armored Trooper pilot in the Gilgamesh Federation, assigned to the espionage mission. Although, later in the scenes, the mission he was on failed badly. Thus, he abandoned his force and left for the enemy forces of the Balarant Union. After he nearly made it through, Chirico goes on the run to discover the truth that exists behind his mission. This anime series, Armored Trooper VOTOMS, is meant to be watched by all those mecha anime fans who are in love with gritty action scenes or maybe even the entire show being the portrayal of the Vietnamese War or D-Day. Well, you guys should all know that the later parts of this show have surely taken away some of the realism from it.

The Vision of Escaflowne

This anime is actually a crossover of mecha as well as fantasy genres. It can be considered a part of the invasion taking place in the late 90s and was supposed to be an experimental anime. Nevertheless, The Vision of Escaflowne is a perfect blend of a variety of genres such as action and adventure and high art. The whole show is based on a world that has steampunk as well as fantasy. It has been narrated to all the people from the point of view of a teenager named Hitomi. He has been pulled from the mundane world of her high school onto the planet Gaea.

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This place is fully torn with all the wars happening. The mecha genre in this show is the Escaflowne. They happen to be some of the mystical robots that all fight for Fanelia and their King, who is a young man named Van. This show’s visuals are amazing, and the palace that is shown in this anime is pretty intriguing. This type of shoe for all the fans who like anime is more than just the mecha genre.

Gundam Build Fighters

Gundam Build Fighters has given the fans a much needed shot in the arm this anime show. The creators came forth with the Gundam franchise as a whole. It is literally the opposite of everything that has ever come before it in the mecha genre. This anime takes place inside of a universe where Gundam happens to be just an anime. Still, some of the special technology has allowed them to move all the plastic Gundam models and employ their force in the battles and tournaments in favor of their people.

You guys should keep in mind that Build Fighters does not follow some of the best Gundam designs that exist all across the eras of this franchise. This tale has also employed so many cameos from a variety of characters in the Gundam that fans now like to address it ad Gundam Heaven. All this while, Build Fighters is surely one of those cute series that children can enjoy, but it also has some of the best fight scenes available in Gundam and mecha’s history.

King of Braves GaoGaiGar

In this story, we witness that Takara has finished off their franchise of Braves with a huge bang. This is exactly when GaoGaiGar depends heavily on the realm of some of the hot-blooded heroes and Super Robot action as possible. The whole show views the secret organization against the Zonderians in the form of an alien race that seeks to turn all the human beings into robots. Even though this anime is clearly meant for children, GaoGaiGar can still be entertaining enough in the first half while there is so much drama in the second one that anyone could enjoy. Plus, all the mecha designs were done by the man who has created the original Transformers. This fact is enough to lure in any fan of those giant robots with a love of the 80s.

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Bubblegum Crisis

This anime show is basically Claymore, but a bit more evolved. It has robot suits as well as other toys that are based on higher technology. In this show, we have a female team that goes by the name Knight Sabers who engage in fights with the help of their Exo suits based on the higher levels of technology. Also, this show shares the dark tones as we have witnessed in Claymore. It even has employed some of the dystopian future fiction just like we have seen in Blade Runner.

This series came out in North America back in 1992 and can be considered one of the very few to come out unedited and uncut. Bubblegum Crisis is not only popular in its own right, but it has even inspired a variety of notable spinoffs, such as Bubblegum Crash that even has some of the crossover appearances in other anime shows.

Super Dimensional Fortress Macross

This anime, Macross, is living proof that sometimes the creators can combine those two things that theoretically have nothing in common with one another to create something great. If we think about it, Macross can be considered the Reese of all the mecha anime shows. The story follows the events after an alien battleship has landed on Earth. This is when humanity experiences a huge growth in technology as they figure out all of its technology. This all happened just in time to wind up locked in a battle with a different alien race known as the Zentraedi.

All this while, we are well aware that all the people love Macross for the combat scenes in the form of a dogfight. Although, what really helps the show stand out among the rest is that there are so many love stories happening in the background. Also, the major addition of an idol whose tracks can help bring peace to all the galaxy. There is literally nothing in the mecha genre as amazing as Macross.

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