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Mucize Doktor Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, and Season 1 Recap

Mucize Doktor Season 2 Release Date

If you are one of those who have recently completed watching season 1 of Mucize Doktor and now are eagerly waiting to know when will Mucize Doctor Season 2 release? Then, we have a piece of good news for all of you that we have gathered all the exciting details about season 2 of this series which you should know. In this post, I will be sharing all the details about Mucize Doktor Season 2 which have gathered from our sources.

But before that, I would like to throw some light on details about the Mucize Doktor series. Mucize Doctor is basically a Turkish series that is a complete remake of 2013 release South Korean web series ‘Good Doctor’ which is a very famous web series in South Korea. Like the Korean series, this Turkish remake also performed very well and attracted millions of viewers.

This series received a lot of appreciation and love from the Turkish people. It has proved to be one of the most successful Turkish series. Hence creators of this series are definitely thinking for a new season. It also received a very high IMDb rating of 7.3 out of 10. The compelling and interesting story along with amazing cast is the main reason for the success of this Turkish series.

Now after the success of season 1, the Turkish audience has very high hopes from the creators of this series. Also, I think that the creators will definitely not disappoint the audience and we will return with a new season. After all, with love and support, they are also getting a good business from it. Now, let’s have a look at the information which we have gathered. Here’s everything I know;

Mucize Doktor New Season

Turkish Series Mucize Doktor Lead Actors

When Will Mucize Doktor Season 2 Release?

Till now, no confirmation has been made by the creators of this series regarding season 2. Therefore, it is very difficult to say exactly when will season 2 of this series release. But there are some expectations that if everything remains fine and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic doesn’t last for long then, we can expect a new season in the first half of 2021.

Everything is dependent on the pandemic going as the new season can be delayed for long if the pandemic doesn’t over soon. As a safety, is everyone’s first priority. So, overall I can say that you can expect a new season of this series by the end of June 2021. If any updates are made regarding new seasons of this Turkish series Mucize Doktor then we will upgrade that in this post a soon as possible.

Where Will Season 2 Release?

Like season 1, it will release on Fox Network and will also be available on their official website. As all the distribution rights of this film are owned by FOX, therefore all the upcoming seasons will be released on their Network only.

Mucize Doktor new Season Cast

Turkish Series Mucize Doktor Lead Actors: Taner Olmez and Sinem Unsal

Mucize Doktor Season 2 Cast

There are some expectations that the star cast of season 1 will surely return to reprise their roles in the new season. The cast of season 1 has performed their roles with extreme dedication and perfection. Hence, they all were highly appreciated, and also their fan following increased tremendously after this series. Some of the well-known actors are;

  • Taner Olmez as Ali Vefa
  • Onur Tuna as Ferman
  • Sinem Unsal as Nazli
  • Hazal Turesan as Beliz
  • Murat Aygen as Tanju
  • Ozge Ozder as Kivilcim
  • Reha Ozcan as Adil
  • Bihter Dincel as Selvi
  • Hayal Koseoglu as Acela
  • Firat Altunmese as Demir
  • Korhan Herduran as Gunes
  • Merve Bulut as Gulin
  • Adin Kulce as Child Ali
  • Ipek Cicek as Kubra Sinto

Some of the actors amongst them all were already very famous before this series and some of them have made their fan following after this series. Like, the famous Turkish actor Taner Olmez. is well-known for his previous works which include Kadin, Yuz Yuze, The Protector, Medcezir, and many others. Onur Tuna, the famous Turkish actor is well known for his roles in Hayat Devam Ediyor, Huzur Sokagi, Cesur Yurek, and many more. These two actors are the main attention seekers of this series.

Mucize Doktor Season 2 Release Date

Mucize Doktor Season 2 Most Loved Actor: Taner Olmez

Season 2 Trailer

No special trailer for Mucize Doktor Season 2 is available till now. But if any trailer is released for season 2 then we will surely update that in this post. But till then you can definitely check out the teaser of Season1 of this series which was released in August 2019 and till now it has crossed the 1.5 million mark on Youtube. From this, you can estimate the excitement for this web series amongst the audience.

What Can Happen In Mucize Doktor Season 2?

In season 1, it was shown that Ali was born in a rural town and he was rejected by his father for adoption because of his medical problem. But Ali with savant syndrome didn’t underestimate himself and he grew up in orphanages. Then he graduated from the faculty of medicine with first degree and became a phenomenal doctor. Then he started to work in a big hospital as an assistant surgeon.

Also, he has to face many difficulties as he has savant syndrome so he always has difficulties in talking to others. Other doctors firstly underestimate him and didn’t like to work with him but with his hard work, sincerity and dedication he proved all of them wrong and won their hearts. Also, in the hospital, he finds the family he had always wished for.

In season 2, we can see him going forward with his newly built family. His wife and children can also be introduced in the new season. It can also be previewed that he has to face more difficulties in the hospital and some of the doctors who were jealous of him might plan some conspiracies against him. More struggles can be seen in his life in the new season. We can only expect what can happen in the new season but can’t confirm anything. If any announcement is made by the creators then we will definitely update that in this post.

Mucize Doktor Season 2 Release Date

Mucize Doktor Series: Team of Doctors in the series: Lead Actors of this Turkish Series

Mucize Doktor Season 1: Recap

Season 1 of this Turkish series started on September 12, 2019, and it ended on March 26, 2020. A total of 28 amazing episodes were released in season 1 with each episode of approx 2-2.5 hours in length. According to audience reviews, each and every minute of this series was worth watching. therefore, it received high IMDb ratings as well as a great response from the audience. It is definitely a must-watch series as it can easily make you fall in love with its characters and story.

You haven’t watched this series yet, you can watch it here at FOX. It is basically a medical drama series that is an adaptation of South Korean series Good Doctor. Yusuf Pirhasan is the director of the series and it is written by Pinar Bulut and Onur Koralp. Aytekin Atas is the composer of this series. Asena Bulbuloglu is the producer of this series in association with MF Productions.

It is expected that they all will again come together for a new season of this series. This was the information available which we have shared in this post. If any announcements are made by the creators of this series regarding the new season then we will update that in this post as soon as possible. Till then stay tuned to Otakuart for upcoming interesting and exciting updates about this series.

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