Anime Review: One Piece Episode 963

One Piece Episode 964
One Piece Episode 964

One Piece Episode 963 tells Kozuki Oden’s life just when he started sailing with White Beard. One Piece Anime entered a Wano history Arc that will explain everything that happened in Wano before Kaidou and the Beast Pirates took over Wano. Wano country was flourishing and a happy place, but it still retained its solitary status. It will be a while before the anime returns to the current timeline. So if you want to find out more about when these episodes about Wano’s past will end, then you can check out the full post: When will One Piece anime return to the fight in Wano?

The anime now looks at a young White Beard and his crew, back in the days when Marco was an apprentice. We also got to see how Izo ended up sailing with whitebeard. So this will explain why Marco and Izo of the White Beard Pirates appeared in the fight in Wano. We used to hear that Izo is from Wano and only wonder how this came to be. It looks like most of the great pirates have somehow made it to Wano country in the past.

Soon the anime will be building up to Gol’D Roger’s times, but for now, we still get to see how Kozuki Oden managed to set out in the sea. And in the latest episode, Oden came across Toki, who would later become Momonosuke’s mother.

These are crucial times for Wano’s background; if you want to understand Wano’s country and everything currently going on fully, you might not want to skip these episodes. One Piece Episode 964 will continue this weekend, and as usual, the episode will stream online on Crunchyroll.

One Piece Episode 964: Oden Sails With White Beard Pirates

One Piece Episode 964
One Piece Episode 964

Continuing with Oden’s tales, the White Beard Pirates have crashed in port Tokage, the same place where the straw hats and Big Mom crashed. It looks like this is the most common way to make it inside Wano, especially for those that have never been there. So word got pretty fast to Oden that Pirates have crashed at the beach. So he rushed to check them out, but knowing him, Oden attacked White Beard out of the blue. Kozuki Oden has appeared as a rebel from the get-go, which was different from what one would expect from a Daimyo.

He wanted to set sail and explore the outside world, but White Beard realized that he still had responsibilities back in Wano and rejected his request to join him. But Oden had a plan to sneak into White Beard’s ship when they leave. Izo predicted this and followed Oden, and this was how Izo ended up with the White Beard Pirates. One interesting thing this episode highlighted was how powerful Oden was at the time.

Usually, we would understand that since he defeated the mountain god and the entire Kuri area singlehandedly. But now we are talking about Yonkou’s power levels here. At least at base strength, he could fight evenly with White Beard, and he even pushed him to use his devil fruit powers. So if he was still alive at the moment, he probably would be as strong as the rest of the Yonkou’s. This makes one wonder how Orochi and his alliance with the Beast Pirates managed to defeat them. Oden is presented in the anime as a very powerful individual. But later on, we will get to see how Kaidou and Orochi managed to defeat him.

One Piece Episode 964 and Updates

Unlike the manga, the anime hardly goes on frequent breaks. The new episodes of the anime will continue over the weekend. This will continue to build upon Oden’s story as he has finally met Toki. He has already sailed far with the White Beard Pirates, so he will be joining them soon. It will be interesting to finally see how Oden lived his day-to-day life with White Beard pirates.

The anime is also hinting at the appearance of Gol’D Roger so things will keep up the pace soon. Although the anime will try to cover as much as possible within an episode, there is still a lot to tell, which explains why it will not focus too much on everyday life but only on main events. The upcoming events will be most interesting, but the best ones might come when Kaidou attacks Oden’s castle. So, for now, let’s look forward to what’s coming next.