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Australian Survivor Season 10 Episode 5: Release Date & Where To Watch

Australian Survivor Season 10 Episode 5 Release Date
New Episodes of the Survival Series Will Be Released soon!

Returning this week is another episode of the brutal survival series Australian Survivor, taking place on an Island of Samoa. With the tribes going head to head in the recent challenges, there’s no saying who will be victorious. After the Reward Challenge, comes the exciting Immunity Challenge, which would guarantee no elimination for the winning tribe.

First seen on television way back in 2002, Australian Survivor takes inspiration from its American counterpart “Survivor“. Being just as hard and intense, the Australian version had been revived in the years 2006 and 2016, with the series having regular installments from 2016 onwards. The 10th season is quite special, as for the first time, the contestants are sent off to the same island as the 2016 version of the show.

Created by Charle Parsons, Australian Survivor’s format is similar to the American version, where the contestants are put on an isolated island. Once they arrive there, they’ll have to make shelter, collect any kind of food, and compete in challenges.

Winning challenges would mean securing either immunity, luxury, or food. Almost always, the contestants are divided into two teams, which in the most recent season is the Heroes Vs. Villains. After competing in challenges, a Tribal meeting will be held between the losing team, and the weakest player will be eliminated by a majority vote. Season 10 has been airing since January 30th, 2023.

Australian Survivor Season 10 Episode 4: Recap

In the previous episode, we see George returning from the hospital after he was injured. As soon as he arrives, he performs a baptism with the island water. Jackie does not return as she fractures her collarbone. Contestants enjoy the island environment with fresh air and vibrant rainbows.  Paige tells the tribe to better their shelter by building much more protection around it. 

Australian Survivor Season 10 Episode 5 Release Date

The First Challenge (Credits: Channel 10)

She talks about her life back at home in Queensland’s remote area, where she would often go horse riding. The weather gets stormy soon enough, causing all the tribes to hide in their shelters. They try to create fire but everything’s wet. Michael and Simon team up against George, and decide to bring down the “King.” George on the other hand feels he’s in trouble now that his close allies are gone. He hopes to get ahold of the immunity.

Shonee plans to befriend George, hoping to be able to use the friendship to her advantage later on in the series. Liz, Shonee’s friend, has been to the Olympics twice and justifies her position on the Villain tribe as she only thinks about herself when it comes to games like this.

The tribes come across their next challenge, which involves members from each tribe facing each other by turning a giant structure. If they win the challenge they’ll get to perform a tribe raid which will last for 15 minutes. Sam, Matthew, and Ben from the heroes take on George, Frazer, and Michael from the villains.

In this test of strength, the Heroes end up gaining the winning point on the challenge. For the women’s round, Shonee and Liz from the Heroes take on Hailey and Nina from the villains. Liz ends up losing most of her energy, but comes through and wins the round for the Villains. Next up is a round with one man and a woman. The Heroes win this round. From the men’s singles, the Villains win the round. 

Australian Survivor Season 10 Episode 5 Release Date

Michael is eliminated (Credits: Channel 10)

The final round of women’s singles goes in the favor of the Villains, making them the winner of the Raid. They take up all the food and try to destroy their shelter. In the next challenge which involves making a puzzle, the Heroes win the challenge and get ahold of the immunity. The contestants to go home from the Villains are Michael Warren and Mimi Tang.

Australian Survivor Season 10 Episode 5: Release Date

Australian Survivor Season 10 Episode 5 will be aired on February 6th, 2023. New episodes of Australian Survivor are aired on Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays, with each episode lasting around 90 minutes. In the next episode, the Heroes and Villains will face yet another mega challenge for the much sought-after immunity.

Australian Survivor Season 10 Episode 5: Where To Watch?

New episodes are released on Ten at 3:30 am EST for Australian viewers. On-demand episodes of Australian Survivor are available at 10Play.

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