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Jason Momoa Gives A Kid Fighting With Brain Cancer, Aquaman’s Trident

Actor Jason Momoa recently shared a picture of his personal handles. In that snapshot, he can be seen giving away his character, Aquaman’s trident. These young fans happen to be battling against cancer. Momoa released a variety of pictures on his account on Instagram. It showcases Danny Sheehan who is 7 years of age. He is posing with a huge trident. He is also in his home located in Boston in Maschussets. The after informed us all in the caption that this image was shared by Natalie, that is Danny’s mother to him that day.

The actor then went on to thank Andy Smith who has put some sideshow collectibles as well and action figures and toys together meant for Danny. Then he also thanked Warner Brothers Pictures who have sent the kid that Aquaman trident. Then he praised everyone who was involved in doing this task from Maholo to the Sheehan Family. The other slide images posted by Danny shows us a close up of an action figure of Aquaman. Then we have a picture of Danny in his hospital bed along with the toy held in his hand. Momoa then also added an image of a personal nite that he has sent to the young fan. It says that Aquaman can not wait to ride dolphins with you.

Danny Sheehan with his new Trident

Jason Momoa gives away Danny his Aquaman Trident!

Momoa has sent Danny this particular trident after he first connected with him through Facetime in the middle of November. At the time, we have seen that Momoa has shared a quite short video of their talk on his Instagram account. Momoa said that he just wants to thank everyone in the community as well as friends and family on Instagram. Jason thanked everyone for reaching out and then showing him this beautiful boy Danny who is currently fighting cancer and has regular chemos.

Momoa then added that he has seen Danny’s video on the web and this is what made him want to get in touch with the child. This is why he spent some time talking to him and FaceTimed him. Then the actor turned to his fanbase and encouraged them to learn about Danny. He asked all his fans to support his family through a GoFundMe page meant for him. This is when he called the production company behind Aquaman films, that is, Warned Brothers, to send this superfan a real Trident that Aquaman uses.

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Here is a little from Danny’s background!

Also, you guys should know that this little kid Danny is fighting against a rare form of brain cancer known as Pineoblastoma. He was diagnosed almost four years ago. Momoa has first heard about the boy after a news clip released from WBZ-TV from Boston. It portrayed Danny receiving an Aquaman figurine during a famous family holiday photoshoot and it went viral. Momoa does the role of Arthur Curry, also known as, Aquaman in the 2017 DC Extended Universe film called Justice League as well as Aquaman that came out in 2018.

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