Preview: Netflix’s Psychological Thriller: Behind Her Eyes


Feeling short of psychological thrillers and suspense shows? Getting bored of the usual shows and tired of watching similar content while you’re off work? Well, Netflix has a remedy for you. So if you’re done binge-watching all such shows on your watchlist, there’s yet another upcoming show that definitely deserves a place on your screens, titled Behind Her Eyes.

Created by Steve Lightfoot, the show is based on Sarah Pinborough’s 2017 novel that was published under the same name. The project is a miniseries and comprises just six episodes in total. The official trailer of the same was dropped on YouTube yesterday and has managed to gain viewership for the kind of interesting plot it beholds. So let’s get you into a bit of detail.

Adele and David

As the trailer kicks in, we’re introduced to Adele and made aware of her strange situation. She is unusually restless and we get to hear a voiceover that instructs her to feel awake and move her fingers accordingly. She is asked to stay calm while her eyes are shut, but eventually, something inside her makes her afraid. We’re then introduced to Louise, a single mother, whose world solely revolves around her son. After her husband decided to walk away, leaving behind his wife and his son, she is on her own. Her only aim in life now is to give her son a better life and focus on his upbringing. She takes up a part-time job to support both of them financially. She gets hired as a secretary to David, a psychiatrist. But she fails at keeping space between her personal and professional life. Louise soon begins to have an affair with her new boss and she feels he’s kind and generous.

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But things strange out when she unknowingly befriends Adele, David’s wife. Getting to know her gradually, Louise feels that Adele is just perfect. She is a kind and loving lady who could be a great wife and she’s sure she actually is. But something soon begins to draw her attention. She feels that both of them are happier with her than they are with each other as a couple. She begins questioning David about her wife when he comes to spend time with her but he fails at answering them all. We soon see glimpses of Adele acting weirdly and asking his husband if it is happening again. The sequence that appeared to be nothing but a love triangle soon begins to become a maze of dark secrets, ready to trap Louise. Maybe Adele has got the power to control things the way she wants it. Or maybe she knows it all before it’s actually scheduled to happen. David appears to be afraid of the consequences that might arise before him if the devil inside his wife awakens.

Eve Hewson as Adele

We also see Louise being dragged into the psychological maze that puts her into various dilemmas. She is unsure of how to get out of it and feels Adele in the clutches of her husband. She thinks that maybe she is scared of him for her whatever he ends up doing to her. But, we never know what’s the actual truth behind the three protagonists and their lives. Suspense? Thriller? Drama? It’s a yes to all. The show was initially announced back in 2019 and we’ve waited quite a bit for the story to actually come to life. But seeing the details, we feel that the wait is worth all of it.

Louise and her son

Behind Her Eyes stars Simona Brown as Louise, Eve Hewson as Adele, Tom Bateman as David, and Robert Aramayo as Rob as the leads. The miniseries is directed by Erik Richter Strand and Steve Lightfoot serves as the creator as well as the executive producer. The series is scheduled to hit your screens on 17 February 2021 and will be available for online streaming on Netflix. So mark the dates on your calendars and steal time from your schedules to binge-watch this psychological thriller in about 10 days from now.

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