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Will Smith And Margot Robbie Affair Rumors: Here’s What We Know

will smith and Margot Robbie affair
will smith and Margot Robbie affair rumours

What do we know about will smith and Margot Robbie’s affair? Popular actors Margot Robbie and Will Smith starred together in the 2015 film, Focus. However, the actress met the actor under interesting circumstances for the 2015 movie as Margot Robbie reportedly lost her luggage and admittedly was not looking her best for the role.

However, it did not become an issue as the two eventually starred in the movie. Will Smith once revered in an interview that when Margot was hired for the role, his wife Jada asked Smith not to embarrass her and to quickly get in shape!

Margot Robbie later admitted that, for some reason, when the two walked into the room, they just really got along, and that went on throughout the shoot, and that is what made every scene exciting and fun.

The Suicide Squad star further added that it is not something one can manufacture, so it was not something that was forced or planned and just existed already, which came in handy. However, the co-stars soon sparked romance rumors as many were convinced that they were more than just friends. Let us find out all about will smith and Margot Robbie’s affair rumors. 

Will Smith and Margot Robbie affair rumors: Here’s what we know

Will smith and Margot Robbie affair rumors made their way since 2013 and were further fuelled after a tabloid claimed that the two got particularly close during a photo booth session. However, these rumors at once were denied as it was instead claimed that the pictures were commissioned by the movie production and that the entire cast and crew saw them being taken.

will smith and Margot Robbie affair

Will Smith and Margot Robbie affair rumors

These rumors were further refuted as it was revealed that the photo booth was on set all day for a bit of fun. .the cast and crew and it were not for a party but were rather taken during the day, and everyone knew about them as it was the last day of shooting. Will Smith is not the only actor as Margot Robbie was earlier romantically linked with her fellow co-star Leonardo DiCaprio as well.

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Margot Robbie Makes Shocking Revelation!

These dating rumors might not be concrete after all, as Margot Robbie once admitted in an early interview that she had sworn off dating actors for good. The Wolf of Wall Street actress admired that she jas no interest in fellow dating actors.

She further explained how she made the conscious decision not to date actors, not because she hates actors but for a different reason altogether. The actress believes that people take such an interest in their love life when they have a profile that ends up putting a lot of stress on a relationship.

She explained how with two people, it is just double the amount of scrutiny, and she likes to avoid that at all costs. Moreover, the actress once revealed how even her mother was caught up in the romance rumors and warned her to be careful at a party!

Are Margot Robbie and Leonardo DiCaprio dating?

Margot Robbie was earlier romantically linked with yet another fellow co-star, and it is none other than her Wolf of Wall Street co-star Leonardo DiCaprio. While addressing the rumors, Margot explained how a little while back, some tabloids put pictures in the magazines saying she and the actor were on a balcony in Miami.

will smith and Margot Robbie affair

Margot Robbie and Leonardo DiCaprio

The actress cleared the air by saying that it was a 6-foot Ukrainian model. She further joked about it by saying that she could lock herself away in a dark room for the rest of her life, and people would still say she was having an affair with someone.

While denying affair rumors with Will Smith as well, Margot Robbie admitted in an early interview that her on-screen chemistry with Smith was a type of chemistry that surprised her as well as it was something neither of the two was expecting.

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