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Sia’s Upcoming Movie “Music” Starring Kate Hudson

Tired of watching the genre of films like drama, thriller, adventure, horror, comedy because we have now got a new genre of film that is music films. The film is an American drama music film which is directed and written by Sia. Sia is going to make her debut through this film that is a music film on the big screen as well as on the small screen that is on the online streaming platforms. Coming to the coming new music film will be going to hit theatres only for one night, and after that, if you want to watch the film you need to get the access of the online streaming platform on which the movie is going to be aired.

The film has already been released in Australia on January 14, 2021, and was raised well by the audience seen the demand of the film in Australia the main cause of the flame has decided to release this in selected IMAX theatres in the United States. Though it may appear to see that the movie will be based on music type of thing based on its title, actually it is a combination of drama with music, and the film has much more to offer than just music.

Actually, the title of the movie that is a music movie, is based on the story of a girl in the film who has been named Music. It is said that for this movie, Sia has written more than 10 songs for Music Movie, which will be highly appreciated by the audience while watching the film.

Preview:Sia's Upcoming Music Movie

Preview: Sia’s Upcoming Music Movie

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Cast & Plot Details

The cast of the upcoming Music movie is Kate Hudson as Zu, Hector Elizondo as George, Maddie Ziegler as Music, Brandon Soo Hoo as Tanner, Tig Notaro as a TV Host of a show, Leslie Odom Jr as Ebo, Mary Kay Place as Millie Beto Calvillo as Felix and Ben Schwartz as Rudy.

The story of the music movie is basically of a girl, Zu, who is a free spirit, a sober drug dealer who doesn’t care about the world but just after the death of her grandmother, she gets up a new responsibility of taking care of her half-sister Music. But as said, Zu is a free spirit girl she can’t take care of herself how can she take care of her younger sister but the things get simpler for her when she gets help from neighbor’s friend Ebo. The film has made efforts to improve the struggles of keeping the relationship in this world be it a friend to friend relationship or sister to sister relationship, all has to be maintained in the right dimensions. Zu’s hardships become easier with the help of Ebo, the only person the world upon whom she could rely upon. The film also showcases the imaginative fantasies of the girl in terms of the music that goes on playing inside her mind every time.

Music Movie – Release Date

The Music Movie has already been released in Australia and had managed well to gain appreciations from the audiences as well as the critics. The movie was released in Australia on January 14, 2021, and now the movie is going to be released on selected IMAX theatres in the United States on February 10, 2021, the condition is that the Music movie will be going to remain in the theatres for just a night and following that after February 12th, 2021 the music movie will be made available on the online digital streaming platform. Much before its release in the United States, the movie has got two awards, one for the best motion picture -for comedy or music, another for best actress- Hudson was nominated.

You would definitely like the film, the struggles that are involved in the film will be very much connective to you by 3 main characters of the film. If you miss the theatrical release of the film on February 10th, 2021, then you can probably enjoy the movie in the comfort of your home by watching it on the online digital streaming platform. With this film, Sia has also made her directorial debut in the movie industry apart from the eminence involvement in the music industry for the past few years.

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