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Google Is Showing Ads To Sell Your Kidney For $1m In India

Despite being illegal in India, Google is currently showing advertisements of hospitals engaging in the sale of kidneys for $1 million. How true is that? Well, it’s not the hospital but the cybercriminals who have been tricking several people across Bengaluru city to sell their kidneys for a hefty sum. 

Some people are desperate enough to sell their organs in exchange for money. And there come these wicked people who take advantage of these needy group and makes them fall into their trap. Doing this has eventually ruined the reputation of that particular hospital, to some extent, located in Bengaluru, India itself. 

Sale of Kidney For A Million Dollar Is Nothing But A Lie

As far as the blamed organization is concerned, it’s Bangalore Baptist Hospital. A group of cyber criminals created a fake website with the name of this hospital and used it to trick people, asking for their kidneys in exchange for crores of rupees. In addition to this, they also used the name of a surgeon, more specifically, Dr.Antony Robert Charles, for the same.

Not only this, they were reported to have asked for money in advance as well, as the registration money ranged from Rs.25,000 (approx US$320) to Rs. 2,00,000 (approx US$2540). This needed to be deposited to the hospital, as shared by the fraudsters. Knowing this, the alleged doctor also filed a complaint at the Yeshwanthpur cyber-crime police station. The case didn’t stop here. 

The fraudsters came into the limelight after a person is a victim and blamed the Bangalore Baptist Hospital for posting a review. In addition to this, he also asked people to contact the doctor, sharing his Whatsapp number. Fortunately, the doctor made an instant reply, saying, “Immediately the response was posted in Google stating that BBH is not responsible for kidney sale.”

Moreover, he wasn’t the only one. Three other victims also made similar complaints. On 21 July, the hospital filed an FIR at the Cyber Economic and Narcotics Crime Police Station. The doctor said, “Few more people have complained that they were cheated by some unknown persons using the hospital’s name.” He also shared the fact that the hospital still gets calls from people who are willing to sell their kidneys in exchange for a handsome amount. 

The selling of organs is strictly prohibited under the law. You must know the truth. Bangalore Baptist Hospital is in no way involved in this kidney transplant procedure. 

Coming across the Google advertisements for selling kidneys, some people have interestingly taken it to social media, making funny but awful comments. One person even ended up saying that they knew that iPhone 14 Pro was out. Some even shared that they have contacted them and are waiting for their response. Well, this is nothing but a fraud. Beware of this! 

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