Boruto Manga Chapter 52 Release Date: Naruto’s Death in the Next Chapter?

While Isshiki Otsutsuki is just introduced, Boruto Manga dropped the biggest twist in the series yet. It implied Naruto would die after fighting with Ishikki. I know that the Kara Arc is reaching its peak, but this is a stretch that no one expected. Things got very desperate for Sasuke and Naruto as Isshiki overpowered both of them with ease. Boruto was trying to distract Isshiki by threatening to kill himself, but Isshiki was totally unaffected. As nothing was working, Kurama had a brilliant idea. He suggested that Naruto activates a Jutsu that can be used to fight against Isshiki, but Naruto will lose his life as a result.

In the entire Kara Arc, we were reminded of the overwhelming strength of the members of this organization. Jigen had already beaten Naruto before this. He was essentially sealed off. It was only Boruto and his team that rescued him. Even in that rescue, Momoshiki took over Boruto to save the whole squad. Even after that, Naruto had no plan against Isshiki, and with their blind attacks, they were soon overwhelmed. I don’t know what type of Jutsu it is that Naruto learned from Kurama, but it’s futile. I don’t think this will end well for the plot overall as it would be a pointless death for the much loved Naruto. 

The Release Date for Chapter 52 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is November 20, 2020. This chapter is finally gonna reveal the true nature of this new nine-tail form and how it affects the life expectancy of the user. So, is Naruto dying in the next chapter? I think no. This would be an awful time to kill off the main driving character of this manga. Boruto has not established himself as a reliable main character, and the manga only boasts a huge fan base due to Sasuke and Naruto. This is also the reason why the writers keep going back to the idea of Naruto’s Death. But yeah, not dying again. 

If we look at the whole premise of the storyline for this arc, Naruto, Sasuke, and Boruto are not getting any help. There is no one strong coming to save them. The only thing that came was a power surge from Naruto that is known to kill the user. The question arises about what will happen to Kurama. Will he get free and stay stuck in this unknown dimension? Or does the tailed beast die along with Naruto? This is such a unique thing introduced to the story that even Kishimoto did not try to do. Naruto was much more desperate against Kaguya. Isshiki should have been weaker than Kaguya, and things would be easily settled after the progress that Naruto and Sasuke have made. However, it went in a direction that no one expected. 

While Naruto will not die, there is no telling what they would drive the plot. We have already seen that Isshiki does not have a long life span. Instead of figuring out a plan, if Naruto dies without doing much to Isshiki, his death will be useless for the village. The thing which was expected to happen was that Momoshiki takes over Boruto and fights Isshiki for a huge battle. But instead, we learn that they need an Otsutsuki to feed the Chakra Tree to grow the Fruit Isshiki wants. I am sure Momoshiki wants the same. The whole chapter 51 left question marks with the bold changes in the plot from its original manga. This only indicates that it is going to get more controversial with the coming chapters. Let’s hope they don’t ruin it completely.