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Preview and Recap: FBI Season 3 Episode 5

FBI - Featured Image

People love the FBI; without a doubt, they are one of the country’s most loved security services. Almost on all TV Shows, on all Movies, the FBI is hyped up as one of the best. So what’s better than an entire series dedicated to a branch of the FBI. Created by Dick Wolf and Craig Turk, The FBI series has been a smash hit among fans lately. The series follows a New York branch of America’s famous FBI.

Missy Peregrym, Zeeko Zaki, Alana De La Garza, Sela Ward, and Jeremy Sisto are the ones that headline the show. The show was one among the many that got hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, its second season shooting, and production postponed for a long time. The show gained a ton of audience mainly because of the cast. The FBI team we are introduced to is fun to watch; every interaction between the members is carried out in the best way possible.

Sometimes more than the cases themselves, we want to see the team members interacting and solving stuff together. That is where this show wins over the audience. So with the FBI series gaining more and more traction each day, let’s learn a little more about the show and find out about the upcoming episode’s release date.

FBI - Season 3

Release Date

The release date for Episode 5, “Clean Slate,” is the 26th of January, 2020, at 9:00 pm (ET/PT) on CBS Television Network. It’s supposed to air right after the AFC Championship Game. We don’t know what that would mean for viewership.

Airing a show after a huge game could mean a huge spike in viewers or a huge dip in viewers. But with the show gaining massive popularity all over, a huge spike is not impossible.


The show could be seen as a much more serious version of Brooklynn Nine-Nine. Here we see the New York branch of the Federal Burea of Investigation (FBI). Many high-profile cases are dealt with, which leads to a lot of treachery, twists, and turns.

The show also plays around romances between the main casts, origin stories, and more, just like how you would expect in any cop show. But with them being the elite group, we get to see a lot of high profile people working with the best of intellect and talents.

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The Characters

The entire show features the main team of this branch, Special Agent Maggie Bell, one of the hardest workings and dedicated of the bunch. She vows to do her best for the team and to protect everyone by any means necessary.

Maggie Bell is supported by her partner O.A, or Special Agent Omar Adom Zidan. He spent multiple years as an undercover DEA agent. Being impressed by his skills and his talent, the FBI recruited him onto their family. The agent hails from Bushwick; he is a West Point Graduate.

Dana Mosier is Special Agent in Charge; she is tasked with supervising two of the previous agents. She is a fan favorite; Dana is a person who never seems to crack under pressure. This level of confidence and experience in the field makes her a great leading figure; she does a great job in being in charge.

FBI TV Series

Every cop show needs the glue which holds the whole team together; Assistant Special Agent in Charge Jubal Valentine is the perfect person for that post. Before going into any high profile case or any situation filled with tension, Jubal will be your go-to guy for some motivation. He can also pick up the team from any low point.

Now every cop team needs the mastermind, the brains behind every operation. Kristen Chazal. This agent is on another level when it comes to piecing together a puzzle; being a brilliant analyst, Kristen is easily the most important part of the team. Because of her amazing skills, she was recruited right after she finished college, her mind does the work of solving a tough case, and her team does the dirty work.

With this amazing roster of team members, the elite squad takes care of some of the most high profile cases, from acts of terrorism to homicide. When a case falls into the hands of the FBI, it’s obvious that it’s no ordinary case.

Episode 5 – What we know

So just like in any other episode, here also we get an amazingly high profile case. In this case, a girl is kidnapped when she was on vacation. The incident took place in a cabin, but things take a terrifying turn when a skeleton is also found from the cabin. But the case is not the only concept the show will be tackling on this episode; there also seems to be trouble in paradise when Maggie and Nestor are concerned.

Maggie finds out some fascinating information that shows that Nestor seems to have been lying about a few things to her. This relationship is fairly new, and the viewers haven’t been able to experience the whole thing for a good amount of time. But with the things going in this bizarre and destructive path, we don’t think we’ll see much more of this couple lasting.

So catch Episode 5, Clean Slate, this Tuesday, January 26th, on CBS Television Network. Happy Watching!

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